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    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    Adopted Fish

    Yesterday I woke up to the local can man ringing the doorbell looking for a new pair of pants and $5. Seems he ripped the seat out of his pants while canning and didn't have any other clothes. So we found him a pair of pants that Keebler had outgrown, and gave him $5 to help him with his trip south. He's snowbirding for the winter because it's starting to get really cold at nights.

    So began my day.

    Not long afterwards, while checking the email for the morning and getting ready for the workshop, I got an emergency call from my mechanic about someone needing a new home for their koi and the whole pond. His neighbor got evicted and she had no place to keep them or way to move them, so I was called to be their new home. I ran over there to get the fish and supplies and zipped back home to finish the preperations.

    The workshop went well, if a bit more hectic and loud than usual. Tons of notes were taken and near a million questions were asked before it was all over, and we sold some product to someone who works in a health food store! *smile* It was a great workshop, just different than how I usually do things. But ya gotta roll with the punches, right? *grin*

    The greenhouse turned out beautifully for what we got done too.

    Then we took down the workshop stuff as quickly as possible and sped opver to the alternative picnic. There was a goodly amount of people there, with friendhip, cooperation, and open arms everywhere we looked.

    The kids had an amazingly fun time playing with every other kid in the park, there was a great circle, and the drumming was a blast. Everyone came home so tired that we needed sleep before we could post how great it was. *chuckle*

    There are roumors that this will become a monthly thing for Springfield! Woohoo!

    Here's a bit of drumming fun I caught on video. It's a bit dark, but I hope you enjoy the sound anyway. *grin*

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    lovelife said...

    I so wish i had the fish lol. But 6 of mine are still alive so that is cool.
    glad your workshop went well. and that you all had a nice time at the park.
    Thank you all for stoping ovet tonight. love to talk with you all.

    TheRambleman said...

    Looks very good! :-)

    Anonymous said...

    Wow, great sounding day, thanks for sharing!