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    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    I Forgot To Write

    in my last post about how I had looked like a doofus at the picnic as I tried to, in front of a good many people and several video cameras, make fire for the first time unassisted by a pro. *chuckle* Things looked pretty good for a bit while I was working the fire bow, but after the stick slipped (read: "flew off the fireboard") and I switched to the hand drill, I was doomed. The hand drill worked fine for me the first time (I didn't even make fire with the bow drill when I tried that with a pro, but the hand drill worked like a charm. *grin*) Anyway, to make a long story shorter, I did not make fire. Keebler took over, and he tried, which ended in lighters being tossed at him and my trying a two person hand drill maneuver. I seriously damaged my hands doing the hand drill, and now I am nearly useless at any manual work that requires pressure on my palms. *chuckle* That'll teach me to try to hand drill with someone who had never done it before. *smirk*

    That and that when we were setting up the tables for the workshop, I noticed that Littlebit had somehow snuck and used ALL of the Dragon's Den somewhere in the house. I have no doubt she was "trying to make the living room smell pretty" by rolling it onto the carpet without getting into trouble for sneaking and using the scented sprays we keep in the bathroom. (makeup, perfumes, air fresheners, her sister's toys. This kid can't leave other people's crap alone!) She knew she'd get into trouble for using the sprays, that's happened too often for it not to have stuck with her by now, but this was a roller. That's different, right? *sigh*

    The rain this morning and all those negative ions coming through the open windows of the house made for prime cuddle time. Oh the joy of an hour of warm snuggles. *grin*

    We were going to go to a special 1860's farmstead lifestyle display with skill demonstrations, but as it rained for most of the day (and the kids refused to do as they were told - Is 30 minutes of work too much to ask if there's a break every 15 minutes? -) so we stayed home. It was probably cancelled anyway due to the weather. *shrug*

    Littlebit spent most of the morning watching TV and trying to instigate a fight with her sister, who spent most of the day trying to avoid her.

    We visited a friend, and on the way home, Littlebit whines and complains most of the way. When we get there, I am on my last nerve and she breaks another oft-repeated rule; "Don't open your car door when we are in the carport" and bashes her door into one of the support pylons. I shut her door back, and correct her for breaking that rule again. After I finish with my door, I helped her out of hers and she runs to daddy for a hug. That whole mommy is being mean to me so I'll go get consoled by daddy bit ain't working. Keebler steps back one step, and Littlebit falls flat on her face on the concrete. GREAT! Now she's screaming, she's bleeding from her mouth, and she won't remember her most recent talk about not opening the door because of the trauma. *sigh* We rush into the bathroom to survey the damage. Two bloody gums but no loose teeth, one very fat lip. We console her for her poor busted lip (I do wish she would hold herself up instead of falling when she's in a mood) She'd been rotten all day, so she is weent to bed while the rest of us get to enjoy a bit of family reading time (after a quick check of my email).

    There was more to today, but it requires more time on my part before I can post it. I am too tired tonight to give the event the credit it truly deserves.

    In the nice time, do you have any tips on how to correct constant lying, sneaking, stealing, rule-breaking, and whining in a 5yo. We're already switching to absolute constant supervision and a strict schedule first thing in the morning. I'd love to hear other advice.

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