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    Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    Product Reviews: La Loo's Goat's Milk Ice Cream

    La Loo's Goat's Milk Ice Cream Company

    (free coupon on the website)
    Flavors tried; "Deep Chocolate" and "Vanilla Snowflake"
    No artificial colors or flavors and a simple recipe unite to make one of the richest frozen treats we have ever tasted. The chocolate was similar in flavor to the Hagen Das "Mayan chocolate" without the cinnamon, only richer with a somewhat creamier texture. A robust and solid nearly dark chocolate flavor that explodes on the tongue.

    The vanilla on the other hand is a serious case of creamy goodness. Exceedingly rich and bursting with flavor, it is almost buttery, a truer vanilla than any I've ever tasted, and completely irresistible.

    60-85g of cholesterol, 50-55g sodium, 17-18g sugar, and 6g of fat make this ice cream a daunting treat for the health conscious, but the protein count of 5g per 1/2 cup serving is a surprising benefit to an otherwise health-bomb of decadence.

    The first time we tried this, we sampled it in the car and downed the entire pint between the two of us (the kidlettes were at grandmother's house) within 15 minutes. To top it off, we were eating it slowly, savoring it while I drove us around town on errands! It is simply that amazing!

    My personal suggestion would be to serve this at a dinner or cocktail party as a delicate dessert. A melon ball sphere of this ice cream on a natural brownie would be a prepare-ahead frozen delight few could (or would) resist.

    Price: $7.90 a pint
    Where to buy: Health food store

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    Eric Rubin said...

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