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    Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    Product Reviews: Dare "Real Fruit Gummies"

    Dare Brand "Real Fruit Gummies"
    We tried the flavors; "Fruit Medley", "Orchard Fruits", and "Tropical Fruits". With no artificial colors or flavors and real fruit juice, we were sure they would be tasty, but were not prepared for how delightful these little fruit treats really were. Seriously true to the actual fresh fruit flavor (from fresh pureed fruits and fruit juices), and packed with juicy goodness.

    This is the ONLY kind of candy you would ever want in your backpack for hiking. It contains sugar in surprisingly small quantity for a candy (19g), salt in amounts I would expect having experienced it's ability to induce salivation, and thus enhance the flavor (5mg), and a very surprising protein count of 2g. (Measurements are per 8 piece serving)

    Price: 1.89 per 6.4oz bag
    Where to buy: Grocery store

    1 comment:

    Mama Chaos said...

    Yum! I might have to get some. I love fruit snacks but E can't have all the sugar and artificial junk.