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    Monday, August 21, 2006

    Friends, Radish, Melons

    Visited another good friend today (who gave us tomatoes, sweet peppers, and empty pill bottles. yay!) and had a great (if too short) visit, dumped the rest of the caught rain into the pond, and then dropped in at the Radish for the potluck.

    The potluck was pretty dead (as in the only people there were working on moving stuff around, and we were the only ones who brought anything to eat), but things should be picking up again shortly as soon as we get some fliers up around the local campuses.

    The Radish has new bookshelves! Some generous soul has donated 4 sturdy wire bookshelves to the radish, and the space has once again expanded and mutated. This change means more space for shows, classes, events, and meetings.

    For those of us who have tried to call the Radish and received a busy signal for the last several months, there is a new development; The radish has now caught wireless internet from downtown. They're not rebroadcasting the signal yet, but are soon to be a hotspot if things keep moving along as they have been. Phone lines are open.

    There has been some talk about selling the giant Uncle Sham puppet on eBay to help raise funds and free up some more space, as well as some cursory discussion about getting rid of the couches in favor of something more readily cleansed (and moved), and holding creative events during the First Friday Artwalk and silent auctioning off the product of the previous month's community creativity at the following Artwalk. The schmeeting is next Tuesday at 7pm, so come on and share your opinion. Decisions are made by those who show up!

    Remember that teeny tiny little melon you saw at the beginning of last month before the camera died?
    Well here it is as of yesterday.

    We may not have gotten any squash during the heat wave, but the melons didn't seem to mind a bit as long as we kept the water flowing. *grin*
    Of course there was a distinctive lack of flowering for a while on all of the plants, but with the slight cooling we've received as of late, things are really looking up!

    We lost a fish to a noctournal watering accident, and replanted the Mayan temple squash in the greenhouse. It is already flowering, and I plan to save seed. Wish me luck!

    More great pictures tomorrow. We are so lucky to have such great friends like we do. Sometimes I feel like the richest person in the world. *hug*


    Andrea said...

    I keep forgetting about the potlucks on Monday. I have a past due book that belongs to the Radish too. I must try to make it next week.

    TheRambleman said...

    "Horray for finding snowcone flavorings! *grin* Congrats"

    Why thank ye. Good thing we found them before they ran out, huh?

    TheRambleman said...

    Very good that those melons are doing so well. It's amazing what cooler weather can do. *grin* And congrats to The Radish, sounds like things are picking up - really nice *smile*

    lovelife said...

    Hi I am so happy to see you doing pic for your post. the heat has been bad on most gardens this year. But looks like yours is doing good.
    do you need more pill bottles if so i have about 9 every month i can save for you.
    Have a good day.