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    Saturday, August 12, 2006


    Went to park day (without Ladybug, as she's grounded to her room until it is clean again -for cutting her sister's hair-), where we may have discovered elderberry trees. (identification coming soon)

    We modified the recipe for the vegan ribs and made vegan chik'n nuggets and patties. These had a perfect flavor, but the texture was a bit off, so we'll be trying again to perfect this one too before we post a recipe. *chuckle*

    Were trying a new thing with our "schooling" this year. Both of the girls wanted some tutoring or educational time set aside each day, so we're implimenting it for them. Today was the first day of the new schedule. Littlebit can now draw not only her name, but the number 4 reliably. *grin* Of course, Ladybug is doing some verification worksheets to make sure she remembers all of the stuff she feels she need to know, and practicing handwriting.

    We had a hearty storm again tonight (all of the water buckets and the pond are full, and the yarden has a small am oujntnjn6(<---Lafarga helping me type) small amount of flooding. I swear it's spring around here now. *smirk* At least my yarden is not yet doomed to the browns of August quite yet. *grin* We're getting too much rain for that to happen.

    Michael over at Homeland Stupidity was talking about the recent idiocy related to the airlines today (including the fact that pilots now can't take coffee onboard, Hells, if they were going to do something bad with the plane, they wouldn't need a bomb!), and he said: "Anyone in the U.S. who actually wants freedom risks getting shot by someone with a badge and a very large gun." So true *sigh*

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