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    Saturday, August 12, 2006


    Have you ever wondered what some of those product labels actually mean? For example, many personal hygiene products boast that they contain "No dyes" - but what does that mean? As it turns out, it doesn't mean much. It is a very specific claim, but there is no organization that verifies the use of this claim other than the company manufacturing or marketing the product.

    You'll also find how trustworthy various certifications are and what they are about. For example, The Fair Trade Certified standards aim to ensure that farmers and farm workers in developing nations receive a fair price for their product, among other things.

    Good consumer info site that helps take the mystery out of various claims and certifications. Check.....it......out. http://eco-labels.org/home.cfm

    Ya Can't Keep a Good Thing Down


    I know, in my wildest dreams. *laugh*

    Really, I'd prefer the mini auto that seats four with adjustable pull out trailer and optional locking trailer lid that can haul1,000 pounds behind the vehicke, or fold up tight to the rear of the car when not in use, but that's just me. *EG* Of course, when fully loaded, effeciency would drop dramatically, but even for 10 cents a mile, ya can't go wrong, and that's an average decrease of over 1,000% above unladed MPC (miles per charge)

    Have I mentioned recently that everything on this blog is copywritten? *laugh*

    Of course there's also the Xebra, which I would be overjoyed to own, it costs less than $10,000 new, and I wouldn't be afraid to let Ladybug drive it once she got her lisence (it has a max speed of 40mph) http://www.zapworld.com/cars/xebra.asp

    Of course one of the standard colors is what we have come to affectionately call "ArtFoodFun dot green". *chuckle* But ya gotta love the zebra striped xebra, just on principle.

    But no matter what it looks like, the oil companies can't keep the electric car down! *grin*

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