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    Friday, August 04, 2006


    Maybe there is something inherently wrong with this post that makes it impossible for me to publish it? Mayhaps there is inwritten some horrific unseen code? I have no clue, but I've tried to publish this thing twice now. The first time it shut down my entire system. The second time, I made it shut down the window so that I could save the reboot time as it was preparing to shut down the system. *boggle*

    I finally got my depo! *grins and does the happy dance. When I went into the planned parenthood, I wore my button I got from them at the GLBT pride festival that says "Contraception IS Basic Health Care". I think they found that amusing. *snicker* I am SO happy to have that done and over with now, even if my arm is sore. (I haven't had the shot in my arm in years.)

    Mystery shopping is fun, profitable, and on certain lovely occasions, fills the tummy quite nicely too. *grin* Can't say much else about it, but it was yummy.

    Keebler finished cleaning the kitchen, we expanded the baby boy ratty cage, put together the new rabbit cage, went shopping, and dropped by the library to turn in the girls' reading program sheets. Ladybug still has some more reading to do to finish hers, but I'm sure she'll make it to the end prizes. *smile* The prizes are great (and I don't think you have to be a resident of the county to do the reading program either.)

    I drew up some coloring sheets for the workshop just in case some kids wanted to color. Here's one of them, isn't he cute? *grin* I'll likely post scans of some of the other pictures soon.

    And, I'm in the process of writing a wormy filkish song. *grin*

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    Mama Chaos said...

    I wish I were near by, a workshop on worm and composting sounds interesting.