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    Monday, July 24, 2006

    Upcoming Events

    No, the camera is not fixed, but the blog was looking rather naked without any pictures, so I decided to post a picture I had stored on the computer.

    Two more events have been scheduled.
    I will be talking about them more often as they get closer.

    Next Saturday, July 29th, Buckets of Yum will have an open house with free snacks & beverages. Participate in a guided inspection of our operations and chat about natural gardening practices such as organic pest and disease control, container gardening, and fall crops. There will also likely be a bit of discussion about an upcoming book "Food Not Lawns".

    The following Saturday, August 5th, ArtFoodFun.com will be holding a vermicomposting workshop. Learn all about letting worms eat your garbage, lower your bills, and give you super-rich fertilizer in return. Discover bug free ways to raise worms indoors for the winter or year round. Bring some supplies and start your own worm bin with us! Meet our worms, find a worm egg, and earn your vermicomposting graduation certificate. All ages welcome. Worm coloring sheets will be available. Workshop fee:$3 When you purchase our naturally-raised worms at the workshop, you get a discount (no growth hormones or medicated feed like commercial and bait shop worms get). List of supplies available via email.

    Both events begin at 4pm. Tell your friends. Located in central Springfield.

    Events are open to the public, donations gladly accepted.
    If you want to attend, please post your email adress to the comments for directions. Comments are moderated, and emails will not be published on the web.

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    Homeschool Barefoot said...

    This is fabulous! I hope a lot of people show up for the worm / composting event. By the way, Isaiah's email address is the one you have used when emailing me.