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    Monday, July 24, 2006

    Satire Souffle

    Planted the broccoli and brussel sprouts today.

    Separated the rabbit babies into sex-specific cages.

    Keebler and the kidletts dug a bit on the potato patch area.

    I picked up most of the rocks we dug out of the garden. (Ya need a blasting permit to garden in the Ozarks, I swear! *laugh*)

    Arranged to buy a new buck.

    Received a whole slew of intriguing messages and comment spam to the blog recently. I'm glad I have accepted my divine divatastic right to moderate all comments to the blog, or we would be flooded with nocscencical messages, threats, and meaningless links in the comments section.

    I now have some PsyChOTic NuTBalL (I know who she is) commenting on the blog threatening to call CPS on me, saying that my children are uneducated and are "swimming in rat feces", and insinuating that somehow people not showing up to the event that I was allowing to occur at my farmlette was some sort of karmic payback (maybe for being a strong, successful woman who is widely respected in her community? That's a horrible thing, I know *guffaw*) as opposed to being due to the event's head (not me this time, I was just providing a place for his meeting) forgetting to get the notification email out to his group's members on time for them to attend. I was going to do all that work on my farmlette anyway, this just sped up the timetable a bit, and the refreshments are non perishable, so I'm out nothing. *grin*

    Ya know, maybe I'd be a tiny bit concerned if she had ever met me in person, met my children, or seen our home, but really, this is just childish stupidity on her part, and as soon as she can move her little negative fixation to someone else who is easier to pick on and perturb, I'm sure her life will be much happier. I'm not much of a one to promote allopathic medicine, but this woman needs some serious psychiatric medication. I truly want her to be able to lead a normal, happy, healthy life, and I feel sorry for her and those who love her who and have to watch her do this to herself.

    I know that she will read this.
    I know that she will think that she has upset me, and it will make her glad.
    I do my part to make people happy. *smirk*
    I'm not worried or frightened by her attempts to get me out on the playground alone. *laugh*
    I know that placing a false report to the police or CPS is a criminal offense. (so does she,now)
    It's like having fleas. Annoying, but not a real problem.
    Harassment is also a crime.
    All I have to do is scratch.

    On a bright note, judging from her recent comment pattern, she's a devoted reader, and I can be nearly positive that little miss is telling AlL her "friends" about this blog. *laugh* Even bad press is still press, and any advertising is good advertising!

    Welcome new readers!


    hematitewitch said...

    Hi so sorry that you have some person trying to make you worry. As far as you not taking care of your kids that is very untrue. As far as your kids being uneducated that is very wrong. Very smart kids in my book.
    never been to your home but I am sure it is takeing care of.
    People just like to worry others who are doing better in life then they are. so keep your head up ok.

    Homeschool Barefoot said...

    Ditto on the above. You and your kids are quite impressive, strong, and creative people. You are living what you know and doing a wonderful job in my book.