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    Saturday, July 22, 2006


    Kato Institute, a majorthink tank employed by the U.S. Gov't and others for researchthat leads to policy decisions within gov't, posts a live map of US botched paramilitary police raids. Completly unacceptable! There's even one in springfield for less than a month ago! *shock*

    Bush gropes the only female at a multinational confrence, and the internet is abuzz. Methinks he's actively trying to get impeached now. The optimist in me really hopes this whole mockery of a presidency is some twisted social experiment to see how much the American people will take (in embarassment, losses of lives, and rights) before we crack and take back what is rightfully ours. Hey, I can dream. *sad sigh*

    Quoted from the JPFO website
    Mainstream media is an increasingly unreliable source for information. Distinct political bias, loyalty to corporate sponsors, and hamstringing by government regulation (such as the so-called "Campaign Finance Reform") have all contributed in driving audiences to seek news elsewhere -- specifically on the web.Alternative news sites such as The Drudge Report, WorldNetDaily, Alternet, and Slate have broken critical stories long before mainstream media picked them up. Online journals or "'blogs" from New Orleans, Iraq, Iran, and other hot-spots have reported news that never even _makes_ mainstream media. And networking via the internet has allowed activists of every stripe to collaborate with people they never would have met offline.

    Couple gets limelight with fluke cuke A Louisiana couple has made international news by accidentally growing a cross between a cucumber and a cantaloupe. Tim Dusenbery of Houma, La., spotted an odd-looking 3-foot-long fruit in his garden that had a hard, waxy, yellow skin with thick ridges running lengthwise from its pointed ends past a thickened middle, the Houma Courier reported. "We call it a cuculoupe," his wife, Karen Dusenbery, said. The couple took the fruit to the office of County Agricultural Agent Barton Joffrion, and he confirmed the two plants had cross-pollinated. Cucumbers and cantaloupes are closely related enough to swap genes, he said. The newspaper printed their story Saturday, and it went worldwide via news agencies, and by Sunday night, ABC's "Good Morning America" show had called the couple asking for more details for use in Monday's show, the report said.

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    AscenderRisesAbove said...

    i saw images of shrub and that gropping. unbelievable. he ought to have counted his lucky stars that she did not have Model Mugging training - as I was counting the different movements she could have taken to bring him down...