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    Saturday, July 22, 2006

    Finally Cooling Off

    Worked all day on the yard. Planted some of the fall crops (onions, garlic). Spread straw everywhere for looks and mulch. Cleaned the animal cages and added to the compost heap. I really wish the wind didn't carry all of the refuse from the parking loot next door over into our yard to rot. It makes for a load more cleaning than if we were just picking up the toys the girls leave around.

    Littlebit had a blast helping to plant the onions. It really helps her to feel like a contributing member of the family when she works on the garden with one of us adult type peoples. She has firmly grasped the concept that there will be food from those plants AND the elusive concept that she is not to pick any of the produce no matter how "finished" it looks or touch any of the plants without being told to expressly by a parental unit. *grin* I'm so proud of her.

    Ladybug, on the other hand, seems to find no joy or pride in anything she does. *sigh* I think she's being contrary because she thinks she's supposed to due to her age. *shrug* She's like that sometimes.

    We hardly ate anything today because we were all too busy to get hungry (even the kids!). I'm SO glad it was cooler today than the last few days have been! We were able to turn off the air conditioner tonight because it was finally cool after dark. *smile*

    We've been doing so much and working so hard that I didn't even notice the time! *laugh* I certainkly hope our visitors later don't care that there are clothes hanging on the line. *snicker*

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