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    Sunday, June 25, 2006

    Wild Foods& A Day Behind

    Baby ratty litter #2 was born. Several stillborn. Yodette was depressed for a while, but now she has 8 healthy babies left and all is well.

    Walenda's babies are doing well also.

    We carpooled with V to a local permaculture "farm", and got lost on the way. I got so angry that I stopped the car in the middle of the road, parked, and started walking to cool off. Trust me, this was the positive alternative. *laugh* Never one to waste an opportunity, I took some lovely photos while I cooled off.

    Red Clover

    Wildflowers are plentiful on the roadside in late june.
    But are sometimes difficult to identify.

    While others are obvious.

    Sometimes, it is worth it to just have a pretty picture.

    Especially when one doesn't have to pay for film. Photography is so cathartic.

    We did finally find the place and ended up spending about 7 hours wandering in the woods. I am again sunburned, but it was REALLY worth it. Sheep are cute!

    I've been wanting to make an edible forest for a while, but this was the first time I'd seen anyone else who had thought of the idea, much less was making one!

    Saw a wooden lock and key, and Ladybug got to try a bow drill for firemaking again. This nutcracker is high speed, low drag as Keeb would say. Even Littlebit could use it, and it was, like everything else, fully manual. (I never realized how sweet missouri walnuts are! We are SO gathering them for our own use this year.) There was much wild snacking as we wandered the property, and we were gifted some cattails and wild food seeds, and invited back sometime in the fall.

    We caught this little fellow eating black raspberries, had him pose for us, then let him go on his merry way.

    Keebler forgot the extra batteries I'd asked him to bring, but I forgot extra drinking water, so I guess we're even. *chuckle*

    Littlebit had a blast helping the butterflies out of the car before we left. Were gifted some HUGE eggs right as we were loading into the car. When we got home, Ladybug's Biodad called us to have her dropped off for their spelunking expedition.

    It was a long, tiring day, but it was REALLY fun!

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