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    Sunday, June 25, 2006

    Slow Day

    Stayed home most of the day relaxing and catching up on all the emails and work we missed when we were out wandering the woods yesterday.

    Dumped all of the water catchment buckets into the pond that we could, and used the rest of the water to take care of the garden and the house plants. The fish are getting much larger now, and I attribute it mainly to their nearly exclusive steady diet of naturally grown wildcrafted mosquito larvae. *chuckle*

    Later we visited G&G's house and did a bit of shopping for another DIY project. Yes, I promise to have it documented here like I did the pond filter. *grin*
    How is it that I can seem to make plants behave abnormally? Above is my African violet. I told myself that I would NEVER get an African violet because they are so notoriously high-maintenance. So someone gives me one. A little one. Covered the top of a 3" pot. Short, and dense. I put it in the bedroom, water it daily via it's tray, and what happens but that it puffs up, blooms more, and starts to raise up on a stalk! I swear I must have a neon green thumb! (I also seem to have the ability to make a mum into vining greenery*boggle*)

    The bunny babies are getting bigger all the time, even though their eyes are still closed. I have started to supplement mommy rabbit's diet with a little powdered KMR (kitten milk replacer) for even more extra vitamins while she is nursing. Not that she's looking unhealthy by any means. Birthing seems to be a very healthy thing for her, and she seems to be in prime happy healthy shape. *smile*

    I added some KMR to the ratty mommy foods as well, and put both mommies into the same cage again. Everything is moving along quite nicely. Now if I could just get Keeb to stop trying to pick arguments with me over nothing. *smirk*

    Ladybug is spending the night again with her biodad.

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