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    Friday, June 16, 2006

    Right this Minute

    Right now I am checking email, Ladybug is riding her bike in the nearby parking lot, Keebler is hand plowing the garden area to ready it for planting, Littlebit is sleeping, covered in damp towels recovering from a mild case of heat exhaustion that she got when we went out and spent several hours at the park (with her not drinking every time we told her to) with a group of homeschoolers and our two boy ratties.

    I'm also waiting for my mechanic to come by. He is coming to get a television, and is bringing me a new bicycle. *grin*

    After that, I will be calling some other folks in the Freecycle(tm) group to come and get the rest of the stuff I offered up yesterday.

    1 comment:

    lovelife said...

    Thank you for the call. At least some one cares lol
    have a good weekend.
    tell the kid's I said HI