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    Friday, June 16, 2006

    Action: Honoring Fallen Soldiers

    Lady Liberty League Call to Action
    Special Bulletin - circulate widely

    Contact Capitol Hill to Urge Pentacle Approval by VA
    June 14-21, 2006


    A Flag Day to Remember and a Father Who Will Never Be Forgotten:

    Sgt. Patrick Stewart and his Widow's Quest For the Pentacle


    * Sgt. Patrick Stewart is a casualty of Operation Enduring Freedom and George W. Bush's "war on terror." Sgt. Stewart put his life on the line. He fought for freedom. He died serving our country.

    * Sgt. Patrick Stewart was shot down in a US Chinook helicopter on September 25, 2005. He was only 34 years old. He was not just a soldier. He was a beloved son, a husband, and a father of two beautiful children.

    * Sgt. Stewart wore military issued dog tags that identified his religion: Wiccan. When his widow, Roberta Stewart, asked the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to place the Wiccan religious emblem on his memorial plaque, she was told the Pentacle was not on the National Cemetery Administration (NCA) list of 38 religious emblems and could not be included.

    * A recent survey found that a mere 28 percent, that's only about one in four Americans, know their First Amendment rights. In the event the top officials at the US Department of Veterans Affairs are among the 72 percent who don't know the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, it is time for a refresher course:

    * Mr. President, VA Secretary James Nicholson, Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs and head of the NCA William Tuerk, "We The People" would like to remind you that Freedom of Religion is protected under the First Amendment!

    * President Bush signed "The Respect for Fallen Heroes Act" on Memorial Day, May 29, 2006. Yet neither President Bush nor the VA officials he appointed have shown their respect for this young father, husband, and fallen soldier.

    * Nine months have passed since Patrick Stewart died for his country -- but there is still no government-issued Memorial plaque for him on the Wall of Heroes at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery. His space remains blank.

    * This Sunday, June 18, 2006, will be the first Father's Day his children will spend without their Dad. His grieving wife and family will be visiting the Wall of Heroes where Sgt. Stewart's memorial plaque with Pentacle should be. It continues to be blank and without the plaque because the VA continues its 9 year pattern of discrimination against the Wiccan religion and its emblem of belief.

    * Beginning Flag Day, June 14, 2006, through Father's Day and until sundown on the first day of Summer, June 21, join others in this special nationwide call to the US Department of Veterans Affairs to approve without further delay the addition of the Pentacle to its list of emblems of belief.

    * Join others to raise a call for Religious Freedom for All to our elected officials on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Write and FAX letters to your US Senators and Representatives. Ask them to launch a Congressional investigation into the conduct of the US Department of Veterans Affairs regarding their on-going discrimination against the Wiccan religion and its emblem of belief. Ask your Senators and Congressperson to call, fax, and send letters to the VA demanding the approval of the Pentacle for use on government issued headstones, markers, and plaques for deceased veterans.

    * The VA's failure to honor a dead soldier's freedom of religion is an insult -- and it is symbolic of the disintegration of our Constitutional rights.

    * Do not give up your right to Freedom of Religion without a fight. Sgt. Patrick Stewart deserves the same respect any of us would expect if we ourselves or our loved ones were killed in an act of war, especially while fighting for freedom and justice for all.


    From June 14-21, 2006, write a letter & Fax it to your elected officials on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC:

    * Fax your US Congressional Representative.

    * Fax the US Senators that represent your state:

    * Follow up your letter with phone calls to your Congressperson & Senators.

    * Send Lady Liberty League a copy of your letter for our files -- send by postal mail (Pentacle Quest, LLL, Circle, PO Box 9, Barneveld, WI 53507 USA) or email us: liberty@circlesanctuary.org

    * Send LLL by postal mail a copy of any responses you receive.

    * PLEASE help get the word out about this action to others.


    * Write the letter in your own words, rather than copy a letter written by someone else.

    * Fax or send your letter by postal mail -- don't email. In print letters receive more attention.

    * In your letter, state that you are a constituent and voter.

    * It is not necessary to state your religion in writing, unless you wish to do so.

    * State that you want the Congressperson/Senator to launch a Congressional investigation into why after 9 years and multiple applications, the VA has failed to uphold the US Constitution by not adding the Pentacle to its emblems of belief list.

    * State your outrage with the failure of the VA to give Sgt. Patrick Stewart and other deceased Wiccan veterans their due.

    * Some points to consider including in your letter are listed in the Call to the VA to approve the Pentacle NOW:

    * More background information is on-line -- if you wish, include this resource page URL in your letter:


    * Share this special bulletin or a summary with individuals, groups, and lists that may be willing to help.

    Article refrence: http://www.circlesanctuary.org/

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