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    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Potluck & Story Time

    When I blogged the last Radish potluck as the best one ever, I didn't know what was to come! Tonight we had everyone show up that came last week, plus several other folks. We all got our plates of yummies, and ate while chatting. As soon as a plate was finished, more people arrived, with even more food! Of course we had to try that too. Everyone ended up nearly stuffed, as this happened twice! THEN came the frozen goodies! A friend brought TWO ice cream makers, and we ended up with both chocolate soy ice cream and pineapple strawberry sorbet! Delish! The girls were being so good that we let them have two cups of the sorbet. Next week, we're bringing some folding chairs and a card table just in case it is as busy as it was this week. *chuckle* We were spilling out into the street as it was! *grin*

    Yesterday we made our own biological filter for our pond. The pond is looking a lot better already, and the fish are MUCH happier and more active (or is it just that we can see them now?) but it will take a good week before it does all the clearing it is going to. *smile* Here's to DIY!

    Now, it is time for a story.

    Once upon a time, I had a sign. It was a lovely sign, simple and clean. I put it up in a yard.

    Then someone saw my sign, and decided it would make a good canvas, so they tagged it. Cute Graff, eh? Stencils are fun.

    They didn't paint the other side of the sign however, so I flipped it around. The next day, it had been flipped back. This went on for three days, day & night. Tonight, we came home and it had been flipped again. We went to flip it back, seeing as how it is useless after tomorrow, and we discover that the vandals have taken extreme measures and ripped the sign's message off so that it could not be useful even if we flipped it again. (I forgot to get a picture of the torn sign, but you can tell in the next shot where the damage was, and which parts of the sign are original)

    So in the rain, while the children were placing the catchment buckets, I painted the shock white back of the tagged side of the torn and mangled sign. We brought it in and let it dry, then put it back outside to do it's job. The morning will tell if I have won the war or not. Either way, I have fought valiantly. *grin*

    And thus ends the tale of the battle of the sign.

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    Anonymous said...

    * Cool. Good job!

    * What's the sign for?