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    Monday, June 05, 2006

    Elusive Fish, Wedding Party, Freecycle

    The elusive fish DO come out a bit at night, and seem to like the flash of the camera for some reason. It could be some strange attraction to LEDs, but I can't be sure. The photos are really dark.

    Ladybug really enjoyed finally getting to be part of a wedding party. I am impressed with how well she blended in with the "traditional" group while wearing dreadlocks, a fancy underskirt, a girl's sleeveless undershirt, and a Japanese backpack turned wrong side out. *snicker* I'm good!

    She really enjoyed hanging out with a few of her friends (including those we didn't know would be there) during the reception.

    After the wedding, she went home with her biodad, to visit for a bit while the rest of us went to pick up a Freecycle(tm).

    The rest of the family did not attend the wedding, but I did leave my camera in the hands of a friend so that the happy couple could have more pictures of their special day. (once I resize and send them to them) I may not be the best of friends with the couple, but at least I can give them some memories of their special day. *smile* I consider it my gift to them, as mother of the flower girl. *chuckle* Yeah, that works, I swear I'm not being nice for no reason. *grin*

    I've always wanted an expanding table for when guests come over, but we don't have much room. I've also always wanted a dehumidifier for my home, as I'm positive (having lived under a bridge in AZ for some time) that ripping the water out of the air makes for a much cooler sensation. This past week, someone offered both in a single post as pickup only outside of town. I simply HAD to have these items, so I responded and GOT THEM! *squeee* The table is antique cherry wood and came with three chairs, and the dehumidifier works beautifully!

    I was really late picking them up (like an hour) because I had to drop off Ladybug early for the wedding.

    I thought I was to drop her off at 4pm, but instead I was to get her there at 3pm, (which I found out at the last minute) but she ran us all late (ripped & ruined dress, watching TV, etc) so much that we ended up getting there to the wedding at around 3:45 anyway. *sigh* It really wasn't all her fault though, as I got a bit lost trying to find the place as well. *blush* At least we got there for her to participate at all...

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    TheRambleman said...

    Wow, she looks really pretty in her dress. As for 'the sign', what are you wanting people to vote 'NO!' on? :)