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    Sunday, June 11, 2006

    The Post That Time Forgot: Carnival, Laundry, Yard Sale Surprise, Hoof Care

    The post for yesterday. I was too tired to post it. *blush*

    My mother took the girls to a free carnival being held at a local church. There were pony rides, face painting, cotton candy, hot dogs, nachoes, giant inflatable toys, soda, popcorn, and games. I was told that they rode the ponies three times each. I feel like such a doofus that I forgot to send the camera with them. *blush* Then again, I'm not sure my mom could've figured out how to use it even with Ladybug instructing her. She's so electronically impaired. :P

    Mother told us about a yard sale that was having a 1/2 off sale so we went and got yard sale goodies for $4.87 or thereabouts (what we had in our pockets at the time). It turned into a free sale after we got there, so we ended up leaving with several very rustic (moss-covered even)baskets, giant Frisbee, 2o gallon fish tank, pigloo, small animal water bottles, folding TV table, bed / lap table, make a bird-edible bird feeder kit, 1970's electric fondue pot, edu-toys, books, folding camp chair, canning jars, large decorative tin, and photographic color gel filters. We made out like bandits! I'm going to use the TV table for when I take my laptop to work outside in the yard. I do so love the outdoors. *grin*

    We washed another 10 or so loads of laundry by hand and ran out of line to hang the clothes on before we raided the camping gear for more line, strung that, and finished hanging the rest of the clothes. The lines are strangely convoluted, and a bit odd looking, but it is a definite frugal use of space, that's for sure. *chuckle* And we managed to preserve a walkway from the carports through to the house across the way too. *grin*

    Ladybug dug in the yard some more and somehow managed to damage her foot but fixed it herself later in the evening so that I wouldn't have to do it for her. I agree with her, it is much easier to treat your own wounds, and it hurts less to boot.

    Dliwehtfollac getting much better on his unicycle, as he brought it over again to practice while we all cheered him on. He made a turn several times on it, so there has been great improvement. He was really hot & sweaty after the riding though, and the girls weren't too cool either after helping to dig, playing outside all day, and working with us on the laundry, so we had about ten minutes of hose play, which I managed (with the use of a washcloth and a plastic tub) to turn into a cleaning-the-excess-dirt-off-of-you-before-you-come-inside session. *grin*

    I started craving hamburgers so badly that I was willing to spend money to get them at the fast food restaurant, but when I sent Keeb over for them, the lobby was closed, and when we packed everyone into the car for them, there was a sign on the drive through that said cash only! *sigh* We usually only use our debit cards for everything. So we did a last-minute-before-the-grocery-store-closes dash and grabbed some hamburger supplies, then came home where Keebler made us some really good cheeseburgers.

    Keebler got a great picture of full moon with halo. We expect rain soon.

    We went on a wild dirt chase with ladybug at the helm. She swore she knew where there was some great dirt just begging to be hauled off, but after driving about 4 miles, I gave up, and we all went back home. At least we got to listen to more of our "Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods" while we drove around lost. *chuckle* I'm going to be pretty sad when this trilogy is over, it's really well written, even if the storyteller can't keep some of the voices straight in the story from book to book. *smirk*

    Snuck up on Littlebit while she was asleep and fixed her foot. I kneeled on either side of her tush and held foot like a fairer to prevent squirming for ease of work, There was much with the screaming, crying, "let me go"s, "get off me"s during the treatment, and lots of snuggling and cuddling when it was all done. Lots of icky yuck came out, and it looks a LOT better now, so hope it is all better but, will check later to make sure anyway. Poor thing. I'm really glad my mom used to raise horses and taught me a few of the care tricks though, or the fixing could have turned out rather badly.

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    Anonymous said...

    * Yeah, I hope it gets all better now. *HUGS*

    * Anyway, sounds like you had a pretty good day, with the yard sale and then the cheese burgers