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    Friday, June 30, 2006

    Newswire: Pharma Crops and Alergen-Free Soybeans

    Are there pharma crops in your state?

    Pharma and industrial crops are genetically engineered to produce
    products like drugs and plastics. Most pharma crops are corn or other
    food crops. UCS has concluded that it will be virtually impossible to
    keep these crops?not meant for consumption?out of the food supply.

    To find out if pharma crops have been approved for planting in your
    state, visit our newly updated pharma crop database at

    Allergen-free soybeans without genetic engineering Researchers have
    identified two soybean varieties that do not contain the primary protein
    that causes soy allergies.

    The scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and at
    the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Donald Danforth Plant Science
    Centre in St. Louis screened more than 16,000 soybean lines.
    The two varieties will be made available without patents to breeders who
    are seeking to produce allergen-free soybeans without genetic
    engineering. Crop Science will publish the findings later this year.

    Read more about the soybeans at


    Read FEED online:


    FEED is an online publication of the Union of Concerned Scientists

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