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    Thursday, June 29, 2006

    The Great Race

    We used to get our mail between 11am and 2pm depending. Now we have Vladimir the Vampire mailman who delivers around 7pm! Gads, it's thrown my whole schedule off!

    The bunnies are now mobile and have begun to chase mommy all over the cage trying to sneak more milk. I've seen it happen often, it looks like it's time to start weaning. *chuckle* I'm sure mommy will get started on that rather soon now that her children have decided to start making a nusiance of themselves. *snicker*

    The baby rattlings are growing their first short fur as of yesterday. Fat, healthy, and, I decided what that sound is they make, they are chirping!

    I have added some chromium picolinate to the rat food as clinical tests have shown that it prolongs the healthy lifespan of rats, especially if given from birth, but also if started later in life. *grin*

    We set down newspaper for mulch and weed supression in the garden, put most of the rest of the tomatoes into the ground, and mulched everything.

    I seem to have overcome my terror of wasps and bees during the trip to the permaculture farm somehow. I'm still wary, but not terrified anymore. *smile* Maybe someday, I will have a beehive on my property. Honey is yummy.

    We hadn't really planned on going to "The Great Race", but I had a Freecycle(tm) delivery a day earlier than expected, and it was over by the mall, so we dropped in, and true to my word, I wandered around bored for about 20 minutes snapping photos until I decided that there was some fun to be had there after all. *grin* Old cars look neat. Though the fact that they were covered in magnets was a bit difficult to overlook.

    We had arranged to meet the Freecycle(tm) person at "the used game shoppe across the street from the mall" There were two of them *chuckle* So we got out the walkie talkies (that we forgot to take out of the car the other day), and I drop Keebler off at one and go wait at the other. We will not miss this Freecycle! (tm). *laugh* Anyway, I was at the right spot, and I called Keebler to come over to me like we had planned. By the time he had arrived, I had already given her some of my excess tomato plants (now that I had some in the ground, I know how many I have to "spare") and she had given me some great suprises I hadn't planned on.

    He walks up, panting after having me tell him several times over the walkie that I can't understand him, and I ask him "what the crack" he had said. Apparrently, if you look like a refferee and you have a walkie talkie, you are invisible to cops, even at a flat out run across traffic. Much the same effect as wearing a tie and having a clipboard. Interesting. *laugh*

    I promised some friends that if we went, I'd take pictures, so here's a hearty slew of them. *chuckle*

    I found the ambulance a friend mentioned when they told me about the race coming to town.

    And a lovely hood ornament.

    I saw something that caught my eye. Even though I'm not much of an automotive buff, there's something to be said for a vehicle made before the nation's extreme obesity problem (it seats two) that has all sorts of neat little gadgets on the dash, and looks creepily similar to the most space effecient housetrailer on the market, the Airstream. Gotta love anything that rolls and looks like a silver bullet I say. *chuckle* Isn't it cute?!

    Everyone was moving out by the time we were ready to leave, but we got there pretty late too.

    We found the most gas effecient vehicle at the auto show. But somehow I don't think it's vintage... Or a car for that matter. *laugh* I think I liked it best of all though.

    Keebler found something, and he played it to death! *laugh* Wiggled all the knobs, opened all the hatches, I mean, there was some SERIOUS goofery going on there! He even found their travel plan and showed it to me, then threatened to steal their stash of MREs. Of course he was a bit perturbed about them not locking down their seat hatches properly, and went to tell them about it. On the way out (after more investigation and playtime) He mentioned that they had even forgotten to lock the wheel and because of that he could just start it up and drive it around the parking lot (Hummers don't have keys). *smirk* Have I ever mentioned on here that he used to be in the army? Is it obvious? *laugh*

    I found something I coundn't resist: A Rambler! Gets 25MPG in the city, is automatic, adorable, green, and my favorite feature: It's made out of solid steel! Second favorite being that I could stick one of the children in the engine compartment and close the lid *chuckle* Gotta love having that much room to work on an engine! The price was a beauty too. Anybody want to buy me a new car? Keebler didn't realize what kind of car it was until I came up behind him and whispered "beep beep" LOL I wonder if they really can go 110 in second gear? *snicker*

    Of course, no matter where we go, somehow the children find us *laugh* Karaoke wasn't happening tonight. Something about a speaker or something busting, but the kids decided to go look at the pretty cars, and they caught us getting ready to leave.

    Driving out, some idiot in a paperboard car cut me off (might as well be paperboard if he had caused me to hit him). I honked him, and he drove

    r e a l l y s l o w

    All the way to where he was going to turn. I think he tried to yell some obscenity at me and my massive steel tank of fiberglass destruction, but I couldn't really hear him very well since both of the horns under my hood were activated at the time. *Huge Evil Grin* Idiots make me all agro. *smirk*

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