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    Tuesday, June 27, 2006

    Another Beautiful Day

    It was nice and cool today, with a small threat of rain. We actually did get about a 20 second sprinkle, but that was really only enough to make us put out the rain catchment buckets before it stopped. :P
    My hand painted signs advertising my new Yahell groups on the bulletin board at the Radish. Hand written and painted signs are what happens when my printer isn't working. *chuckle* The groups are "SWMOGrowers" and Springfield Community Garden something-or-another (I'm sure one could do a group search and find it) The groups are pretty small right now, what with them being recently started and all, but I see a bright future for them as time flows onward.

    Not going to the bar today, as our favorite bartender isn't going to be there after all.

    The baby bunnies have started to open their eyes, and mommy bunny is much relaxed with us dragging the babies out of the cage for about 15 minutes at a time.

    Worked in the garden a bit, placing more dirt over the grass (seems to be easier than tilling by hand). Found this crazy bug. I have no clue what it is (any ideas?) but it didn't look like it was eating the plants. I'm thinking maybe it is one of those strange beneficial wasps maybe? We're still going to till a little bit, but that's just for carrots. If you haven't seen an ozarkian rock carrot before, let me tell you, it's a hoot (and hard to harvest)!

    Keebler went to look for a job for a bit early in the day, and cut down that most problematic limb that was blocking the light for the garden. When he got back. YAAAY for sun!

    We showed off the baby bunnies to the neighbors, I offered some cigarette coupons on Freecycle(tm) and asked for some metal buckets & some storage drums (any kind). I received a couple of responses about the stuff so we'll see what we can manage to get together by the end of the week.

    I finished the cage for the girl ratties and their babies. It has six separate levels (one soft & bouncy), and all of the floor levels (except the bottom floor) is carpeted to prevent bumblefoot. Gads they're spoiled. *grin*

    The view inside the igloo.

    Ladybug & I cleaned up the girls' room quite a bit this morning, and she and Littlebit worked on it even more tonight. I'm really proud of their initiative. I didn't even tell them to clean, I just started in on it and they decided they needed to help. *smile* I could say that had something to do with my propensity for throwing away anything I find on the floor, but they were not arguing about that either when I did it! *shock*

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