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    Saturday, May 27, 2006


    We repotted a bunch of plants around 6AM yesterday because we tried to sleep but just weren't tired, so decided to be productive instead of rolling around restless in bed. Gads the sun was on fire for sunrise! But that was before I slept last (about 10am yesterday) . I just haven't had time to blog it all. *chuckle*

    Keeb & I went out to dinner with a friend I haven't seen since February. We missed him dearly, and are SO happy he contacted us. We wandered the downtown area for a couple of hours, saw a movie, had lunch, visited a bike shop, took a bunch of pictures, found a local web designer who may be able to help with the site, was accosted by Mormons on bicycles, and I bought a book at a book store. Mom decided to keep the kids for another night.

    A Photo shoot caught on film. I do so enjoy photographing photographers. *giggle* My personal little perversion.

    Took a LOT of great photos which will likely be interspersed at random throughout the posts for the next few days. There are also a few reviews of downtown spots I visited coming soon as well. *smile*

    Discovered how to navigate downtown spfd using the map the downtown association prints out. (that was an adventure in itself with all of the same numbers in different colored circles, our navigator got really confused. *chuckle*

    Was randomly accosted by Mormons on bicycles. I have never wished that my dress had a zipper so much before in my life! See, they turn this lovely shade of pink when a girl asks them to mess with their clothes. *evil grin* Not that I have anything against the faith at all, quite the contrary, they can do what makes them happy, and if it is right for them and they are comfortable with it, then good for them. HOWEVER, I don't take very kindly to prostelyzing, and I don't care much who the person is, if they purposely come up to my with the direct intent to make me uncomfortable, then I have this overwhelming drive to make them uncomfortable in return... I was a good girl and walked away. This time. (note: If you don't think that prostelyzing is at it's purest form, making folks uncomfortable, then you are sorely mistaken. The whole idea is to make others uncomfortable with their faith, or their lifestyle, or whatever so that they will repent and "see the light".)

    Wandered into a random shoppe along the way to compliment them on their layout and asked what they did there. Found a local web site designer who knows about our problems and can likely fix it locally :) This is what I get for being ballsy *laugh*

    We all had a lot of fun just walking together, catching up on old times, and spending time with one another. We ended up walking about 3 miles too, so I got my exercise in. *grin* It was an amazing day.


    Anonymous said...

    * Yah, it does sound like you had a good time, except for being talked to by the Mormons. -grin-


    kat@ohmtastic said...

    "never wished that my dress had a zipper so much before in my life"

    HAAAAAAAA i love it, that is hilarious. now i know what to do when those cute little mormons come knocking on the door =)