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    Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    Unfinished & Completed Tasks

    The potluck was great! Lots more folks than usual showed up and the food was, as usual, fantastic.

    Despite hanging out with the smokers outside, we didn't smoke at all, and managed to still only smoke 1/2 cigarette each today. We are completely out of cigarettes now, so the ashtrays get put away (so as not to remind us of smoking) and we go no nicotine tomorrow. *grin* So far so good.

    Didn't get the enchiladas done, chicken wasn't fully shredded off of the bones like Ladybug told me it was so I have to finish that for her tomorrow before we can make the enchiladas. Packed up the box to go to the conference, will be shipping many things tomorrow off in the mail including a SASE to a member of the survivalism group who offered free seeds to those of us who would send him one. *grin*

    The girls and I made yogurt the old fashioned way tonight, and it looks like we somehow managed to grow kefir grains in the process. I'm not quite sure, but those little nodules at the bottom of the yogurt sure looked familiar... We'll check it in the morning when it's done and see for sure.

    Listened to the rest of our book on tape "Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane" by Suzanne Collins. It is the second book in the series, and is really well written, especially for a children's book. Much in the same way the Harry Potter books are kids' novels. The whole family really likes the series. *smile* We start the next book tomorrow "Curse of the Warm Bloods". It is on CD, so we'll likely have to listen to that one soley at home. No worried though, we can get more books on tape for the car later, as we have a tentative library trip planned again for tomorrow. *grin*

    Tomorrow we will try to make some kefir and see which the girls like better. They are both yogurt monsters, so only time will tell. Either way, we have a winner with the inexpensive continual yogurt we can now make. Sure will save us a ton of money. *smile*

    Speaking of money, we need to buy more grass hay for the rabbits, but since we don't have the cash for it, I am making the girls go out every morning and pick fresh (unchemed) grass for the rabbits so they'll still have their usual grasses in their diet. I owe Ladybug $3 for babysitting in the morning this week, and tomorrow (after I wake up it is Tuesday darnit, not now) I will be having her babysit again for more money.

    If we have any cash leftover from sending the packages, we're going to buy some goldfish for the rain buckets because we can't afford the BT tabs, but 30 cents for a fish for each bucket will keep the mosquito larvae eaten pretty nicely, and work for much longer than the tabs anyway. *grin* Aah the power of frugality. *snicker* Now if we can keep the neighborhood cat from eating the fish, we'll be great. *laugh*

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    Anonymous said...

    Good job! I'm not doing do well, but need to quit since we can't afford for us both to smoke. And since it's easier for me to
    quit, then I guess it's up to me. *sigh*

    What's a kefir grain?

    What do you plan on using the water from the rain buckets for? Just curious :-)