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    Thursday, May 11, 2006


    We visited the library and picked up more pickle buckets today. Keebler paid off most of his fines to random authorities, and we bought the shipping supplies for the baskets. We seem to have lost the needles for the inkjet refill kit, so we're not sure what we're going to do about that, but other than the complete incapacity to print out the rest of the fliers, we are doing well, and are mostly on schedule. *grin*

    We boiled rice in the wild mushroom soup and had it as a side dish to garlic lemon fish. We still have more of the stuff, so I think tomorrow we shall add some wild onions & chives to it and have Italian breaded chicken covered with four cheeses nested on a bed of mushroom ricey goodness for lunch. *laugh* Never ending leftover modifications make for creativity, a full tummy, and no wasted food.

    We also picked up a couple of Freecycle(tm) things, one being a television so the girls can watch their edu-videos in their room and not disturb the adults when they are working, and the other being some nice fabric scraps for crafting projects. *grin*

    Received notification today that my items are selling well in the first store to carry my products (consignment-type for craft shows), and I will be receiving payment for the items in tomorrow's mail. I was expecting them to do well, but not as well as they did in the most recent lunch-hour-only show. Life is good. *smile*

    In other news, I have been told that I had a big part in the TV show that I was interviewed for, AND I've been asked back for next month's show to do more discussion about preventing other unwanted critters in the house! *big grin* It only gets more exciting! Speaking of which, I've had this horrid heartburn I can't seem to get rid of for over a week now... *laugh*

    I can't stop singing the pickle bucket song in my head.

    Tomorrow is free camping day at KOA, so we'll be there for part of the day meeting new friends in the Homeschool community. Nobody thinks we will be staying the night due to the weather, but at least we'll all get together for a bit, chat, and roast marshmallows. We're thinking of bringing a load of laundry with us when we go so it'll be done by the time we get back home. *chuckle* MMMM car laundry machine.

    I'm curious as to why Blogspot has a "learn" button on their spellchecker if it never "learns" any of the words I tell it to. Weird.

    Packed up my additions to a care package for the lawyers who are fighting pro bono for an associate of mine. (trademark stuff), but I still have to write them a thank you note.

    I have to go leave an offering for the faeries tonight so that maybe they will give me my watch back. I don't even know what day it is without the darned thing, and it's starting to get really annoying. :/ Mayhaps I rely too much on my electronics... *ponder*

    But somehow it feels like it was such a slow, unproductive day. *laugh*

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