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    Saturday, April 29, 2006

    I Think I Need a Bigger Box

    This post was written yesterday, but the internet was so weird that I could not post it then. I think it had something to do with the weather. It stopped raining this morning and I rebooted the router just in case that was part of the problem. Either way, it works fine now. *shrug*

    The baby bunny died today. We figured he wouldn't last long with the cat attack that brought him to us and being so young, but we tried our best. *smile* We did get him to eat a bit of something this morning, and he was wandering his cage happily after a good nap. He started to get chilled around 2pm, so I carried him around in my bra to keep him warm. I hadn't worn a brassiere in over 4 months before this, so you can tell the pains I go to to help out the furries. It didn't work to keep him alive, but at least when he left he was as comfortable & warm as we could make him. *smile* Littlebit wasn't traumatized by this death at all, which is a good sign. We told her he was probably going to die, but that we were going to try and help him live. I'm hoping that her knowing he probably wasn't going to be with us very long helped her prepare for the death before it happened. She helped with the burial. We buried him on a bed of timothy hay in an empty bean can.

    The new pregnant bunny arrived early this morning. She's HUGE, and should be having her litter on May 9th or thereabouts. The thing her rear is sitting in is a large sized cat litter box that I cut a hole out of for ease of access. I thought I had cut it extra large, much larger than any rabbit would need, and now I'm glad I did, as she has only 1' leeway on either side when she enters the box. *laugh* Like I said, she's HUGE! We made a bigger nesting box for her because we were afraid the one we had was a bit too small. I hope the newer one isn't too large for the safekeeping of her babies when they're born. I'm going to go do some research on nest box sizing tomorrow. We may need to build her something custom, as I don't think they make cardboard boxes the right size for her. *laugh*

    The Radish's Birthday party today, we made a Radish salad for the celebration. I was going to make radish cake, but lost the recipe & couldn't find anything but dim sum Japanese radish cakes when I did a recipe search. There was good food, great people, and a nice quiet time visiting. Lizard stopped by and chatted for a bit, then we all went home.

    No time last week to do blog challenges, too busy getting things done for spring & such. Maybe this week I'll do a bit better with the whole time management thing. *hopes*

    Discovered that the yard has moles. I wonder what natural repeller there is for them, as I'd like to plant some plants IN the ground this year instead of just in planters.

    The new neighbors for the big house were moving in in the rain today. I hope they are decent people. *crosses fingers* I figure the reason the boys in the little house didn't move in is because it was so wet, cold, & miserable outside all day.

    On the way to the birthday party, I was looking at the seedlings and stopped in shock. It appeared that one of my plants had been attacked by a very precise ice storm! Upon firther investigation, I discovered that my heavy-handedness with the watersorb pellets in an attempt to save water this season had backfired and they had swollen to enormous proportions on top of the soil. *laugh* That'll teach me!

    Today has been so cold & icky that Everyone has been tired & grumpy all day. I'll be glad when the sun starts shining again. I wonder why, in the Ozarks, winter weather decides to wait until spring dates before it attacks... *ponder*

    The internet is really wonky right now. Can't get the images for this post uploaded, and can't manage to finish my email either. *sigh* I have a lot more to say, and a picture that goes with this, but I can't get it up because of this weirdness. I've been trying for over an hour now, and I can't seem to make it work. I'm exhausted. I'll try to post again in the morning. The time is now 10:46pm

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