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    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    I dunwanna!

    I'm exhausted, I'm bored, I have cookies to bake, The kids refuse to go to sleep, and I simply must learn some PHP in the next three days. *sigh*

    I dun wanna.

    Acheived a lot today. We moved the things out of the sheds, left required notes, went grocery shopping, had a nice walk, gathered dandelions, filled the kid's pool, rearranged the living room, swept, finished a painting, emptied the sandbox, rid ourselves of more unnecessary household flotsam, planned more redecorating, did a bit of landscaping, arranged to pick up our first bunny on Monday, talked long on the phone with a friend, helped another friend set up his new computer, and cleaned house a bit. And that was just the adults in the house! *chuckle*



    chaosFarmer said...

    Luckily for you, php is really easy to learn :)

    Anonymous said...

    Sounds like you're *really* busy. If that makes you happy, that's good :-) Personally, I would slow down to a more comfortable pace, since life is a marathon, NOT a sprint :-)