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    Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    I Can't Sleep, So I Blog

    Keebler's in jail, and I can't sleep.

    It's not as bad as it sounds, but there's a story to tell. *smile*

    Before Keebler and I met 2 Thanksgivings ago, he wrote a bunch of bad checks, and was driving an uninsured vehicle without a valid driver's license. He got pulled over and ticketed several times. After we met and I convinced him his driving activities were really stupid, he stopped. (he had already stopped writing bad checks by the time we met) He has not driven anything, anywhere, in over a year.

    Over the first few months we were together, we worked together to pay off all of his bad checks (even the ones without warrants or police files), and traffic tickets. We verified with the cashiers and other desk-folk at the courthouses and check places that there were no other tickets, warrants or otherwise. Someone was mistaken...

    Tonight we were having Ladybug babysit Littlebit as usual for a Tuesday evening, while we go to the bar to peddle our wares. Ladybug called me about having trouble getting to sleep and I share some mommy advice, then get back to work. Later, I remember that I had left an ostrich roast at the house that I had intended to give to the bartender. I ran back home, quietly retrieved the roast (I thought Ladybug was finally asleep), turned off the bread maker (banana nut bread - turned out horribly, they can't all be winners), and ran back to the bar. When I get to the bar, I'm informed that Ladybug has called again, but I assume that Keebler had talked to her, as he was left there. I was sorely mistaken.

    We arrived home not long after the bar closed, and were greeted by Ladybug who was outside of the house with the door hanging wide open. I admonished her as I walked up. "What are you doing outside? You know well better than that. Get back in that house this instant, and why is the door hanging open?". Then I looked into the house to find three police officers standing inside my home. This explains the door hanging open and Ladybug standing on the front stoop. But why are they there?

    It seems that Ladybug was asleep when I came to get the roast, but not very soundly. As I was leaving the house, she woke up... To the sound of someone closing the door of our house. Needless to say, she was mortified. She grabbed a fly swatter as a weapon, and called the bar to be told by the bartender that I was on my way home. She didn't think to ask for Keebler because we always travel together. (except for this time) She waited 3 minutes in utter terror that some stranger was in the house, then called 911. (I really think she should have called them immediately if she thought there was some sort of human predator in the house, but that's beside the point now). They searched the house for Ladybug, to assure her that there weren't any strangers in the house and stayed to wait for us to arrive.

    So I come home to the police. Great, just what I need, folks telling me I'm a terrible parent for leaving my kids at home alone to go to the bar. *sigh* But they don't!!! *faint* They questioned us all, separately, and ran our names through the warrant database (for good measure). They asked us both the same questions, I'd assume, to make sure our stories matched with what Ladybug had told them.

    My officer was friendly and very patient while I quoted the laws regarding babysitting at 11yo for our city & state. *grin* (it's good to know the laws, and make sure the law knows you are an informed citizen, it can keep you out of a whole lot of unnecessary hassles) He gave some sage advice about a kitchen appliance, asked about our technique for safety and contact precautions in the case of an emergency, and even laughed a bit when I thanked them for the advice, then admitted that "You never stop learning how to be a better parent." I was asked if we had a social worker, and I informed him that we did at one point due to a nosy neighbor, but that she had closed our case after two visits (verification is a good thing), and left her name for any other social workers to call if we get reported again (her idea). He even gave kudos to Ladybug saying that she definitely seemed very intelligent, mature, and capable, and that she was very well spoken and polite for a child of her age. (I'm so proud of her for doing the right thing)

    They're about to leave, when they tell us there's some bad news. "Bad news?" I think. "You just helped my daughter to feel safe when I wasn't available and she was afraid, what bad news?" Then they tell us that Keebler has 2 warrants out for his arrest. (one city, one county) *sigh* It seems that when he checked (3 times) to make sure that he didn't have anything else to deal with all that time ago, that someone had forgotten to check both county & city records, and had somehow missed the outstanding tickets he had.

    So, for the second time in his life, Keebler is in jail because someone with the city failed to do their job properly, and we didn't quadruple-check to make sure that what they are paid to do correctly is actually what they are doing. *frown*

    We would be more upset, but we've had it happen before, and the mixup will be handled by noon tomorrow. *shrug* That's the thing good about going to jail in the wee hours of the morning. Everyone is asleep in the cells, you don't have to spend much time in there, and you are darned sure you can't miss your court date. *snicker* Not that I recommend it, or that it will EVER happen again, but you gotta look on the bright side, right? *smile*

    Anyway, Keeb gets put into the handcuffs (a mere formality at this point) and I help the officers empty his pockets so he can be processed more easily once they arrive at the jail. They cart him off to their car, and Ladybug and I sit down for a calming discussion about why her tummy was hurting when she was afraid, when we get another knock on the door. It's one of the officers again, to hand me back my license. Seems he almost forgot and ran off with it. *laugh* Now that would've have made it a bit difficult to pick Keebler up from the police station in the morning. *wry smirk*

    Ladybug and I proceed to discuss stress, flight or fight, adrenaline, the effects of adrenaline on the body, the terms commonly used to describe the tummy ache she had, what caused the tummy ache, ulcers, and how human evolution has caused adrenaline to be more of a hindrance in today's society than a benefit for the most part. (teach when the opportunity arises, I say) We decide that she can sleep with me for comfort. We fix the kitchen problem, and get ready for bed.

    Keebler calls from the police station, and we confirm our plans to check the courthouses (both city & county) every month for a year, just to make sure there is nothing else for him/us to worry about. I mean, this is a bit ridiculous really.

    After I get off the phone with Keebler, Ladybug & I talk a bit more, set the alarm, and read a little, then she goes to sleep. She's finally down for a good bit of rest, and is peacefully sawing very small twigs in my bedroom.

    I sit here typing, thinking, "Man, why didn't I think to get a picture of Keeb in the handcuffs with the police? That would have been one heck of a visual memory (and an interesting thing to post on the blog too *laugh*)". But maybe it's just the sleep deprivation talking?

    Did I mention that Littlebit slept through this whole thing?

    In other news, 2 weeks ago, we made 2 of the biggest buyers from the bar into sales representatives. Since then, we haven't made a single sale. *sigh* I've decided to start charging for the startup package so that I'm not loosing anything if they decide not to sell. I'm almost done setting it all up to look nice and official, And I have 2 other folks interested in being salespeople. I trust them both, so I'll happily let them pay me with their sales profits for the first little bit instead of doing it all up front, but they're the only ones I'll do this with. Everyone else from now on will pay in advance for the startup kit, because I'm not going to be giving away free products to folks who aren't going to make me money. Somehow, That small cash investment scares away those who aren't truly interested in making money selling our goods. I really don't think direct wholesale prices and a 60% profit on every sale is a bad deal for a salesperson, do you? *shrug* It'll work out in the end.

    I can't sleep, so I blog. *laugh* What a night!

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