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    Thursday, April 20, 2006

    Heeeees Baaack!

    I post this now instead of when it happened because 1) we've been really busy today, and 2) this is the exact time that Keeb was processed into jail yesterday morning.

    Keebler called me from the police station tonight at about 7:30pm to let me know he'd been freed from his incarceration. *smile*

    Seems he hadn't been assertive enough while in the jail waiting for his release, and they had forgotten about him!!!!! He asked when he could go home at about 6:45 and the got busy QUICK. *laugh*

    When I arrived to pick him up, he was nowhere in sight. Seems they had made yet another mistake and thought they had to issue him a check for some money he had brought in with him. (remember me saying about us emptying all of his pockets before he left?) *sigh* Anyway, he got that straightened out pretty quickly and came out to meet me, just as I was crossing the street to come get him.

    It seems that when I called earlier today to find out what was going on, he had indeed already seen both judges and was sitting around waiting to be let out. He tells me that the time was well spent, however, as he got to read a really good book. *smile*

    My mother came over to ask me if I wouldn't mind walking with her every day if she came over (little does she know that having a walking buddy will do me a world of good too *grin*). She then decided to take the girls over to her house to spend the night. If she's feeling up to it, she also plans to take them to the kiddy karaoke tomorrow evening. Ladybug is going to be spending the weekend with her biodad, and we'll be meeting up with them at her knitting club on Monday. Maybe a full weekend will give them a chance to play more than one game of chess. *grin*

    Keeb & I had a lovely talk about all things uswize, and took a short but refreshing walk together in the dark.

    It looks like the girls are going to have a blast this weekend, and we adults are going to get some much needed sleep.

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    Swrdsong said...

    This might help some. Evidently Greene County does not participate in this, however, as the laws are situated, juristiction in bad check cases are in two counties. The county in which the person wrote the check, and the county where the company recieved the check is in. If you write a check to any gov't agency for MO, then they file in Jackson county (Jefferson City), and you have to go there to resolve the issue. So, while Greene County is not participating, this search could help with other parts of the state.


    Hope it helps.