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    Saturday, April 22, 2006

    Happy Earth Day!

    We have recently discovered that rising gas prices have forced some sevens to become aquatic creatures and grow tails! Oh what a world, mutated mermaid numbers! *laugh*


    I was hoping to have the website up & functional by today for the grand unveiling of my company's new recycling project, but it is not anywhere near finished yet, so I'll just have to tell you all about it. *laugh*

    We are starting a refund program for our customers. Every time they send back the bottle from their health care product, we will refill it and return it to them for a discount off the price of the product new. It saves us time & money, and saves the planet too! Can't go wrong with that combination. *grin*


    In other news, I received the call from the fellow who was assigned to me by the SBA for my business counseling session. Seems he's just as busy as I am with things right now. *laugh* He says if he doesn't call me back by Thursday, for me to call him as he may have forgotten me. *snicker* He sounds like he'll be great to chat with.

    Found out in the paper yesterday that we have voracious army cutworms in the area, so I did a bit of research on how to naturally combat them, then immediately went & sprinkled yellow cornmeal all over all of my plants. (all cutworms love the stuff, but can't digest it, so they die). *grin* I was really worried because I put them all outside last week, but now I think I am safe from those pests at least. A benefit is that cornmeal is also a mild ant killer (they die if they eat it too). The aphids are out in force again, so out comes the spray bottle of natural organic soap water. Oh my poor little seedlings. *smile*

    We finally got the ratty cage cleaned (meant to do it yesterday, but had no time). I'm still working on the baskets we're donating to the unschooling conference. Yet another thing I'm behind on and have to ship priority. *sigh* Eventually I'll get all caught up, right? *hopes intensely*

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    protest the new government said...

    You are my hero! That's the jist of what I wanted to say. I'm "protest the new government" (but my friends call me Matt) and i might come off as aggressive, but I'm really not. I am a peace loving person and i just want a better world. That's what it comes down to. I live in Calgary, Aberta, Canada so that means that I am surrounded by the right wing 24/7. Calgary is Canada's Texas. Our dumbass Prime Minister's riding is here in Calgary, because it is a Concervative stronghold. (yeah, it sucks) But i want to join, for lack of a better word, a hippy group. Just read my (very short) blog and write me back if you want. thx