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    Saturday, April 08, 2006

    Hammocks & Happiness

    As usual after a fit by either of the girls, we had a talk about what was the matter, why she behaved like "that", and how we can avoid such displays in the future. (not that these fits are a regular event by any means)

    This time we finally got some real info on why she's been so moody lately. She's been thinking about death and can't find any answers. She's upset that she doesn't remember what it was like when she died at 5 weeks old. Not that most folks remember anything from when they were babies, but it disturbs her that she doesn't. We talked about "normal" and we talked about death. We talked about near death experience stories and what other people say about them. She seems satisfied.

    We also found out that she's been regularly getting up at around 6am each morning after getting to sleep around midnight on average. We've agreed to get her some valerian root to help her get better rest at night. Hopefully the better sleep and the discussion about death will help ease her mind. An agreement was also met to get her some books from the library about near death experiences if she wants to read some more on memories of dying.

    She realized that she "was stupid" as she put it, and promises to try not to do the "scared-dance" anymore. The solutions ought to work since we came up with them together as a team. Only time will tell.

    In other news, the girls have rigged up hammocks hanging from their closet bars for sleeping. I don't even know why we have beds for them, I just thank goodness for really sturdy blankets. *laugh*

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    Anonymous said...

    I am very glad that you were able to have the discussion about what's been going on with her. Hopefully now that it's out in the open, she'll be less moody. Good job, mom. See, I told you she'd be okay, with your help of course :-) *hugs*