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    Wednesday, March 29, 2006

    I never thought I'd be a basket girl.

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    Ye know, those women who go into bars with a basket on their arm filled with things to sell to the patrons? Well I am now. *laugh*

    A couple of months ago, a friend of mine told me about a certain bartender who was addicted to all natural products and LOVED my Snake Oil Lip & Body Balm. Of course I had to go and see him. After our first visit (with all of my products in tow), he tells me that I have to come back every Tuesday and sell him lip balm... Anyway, that's how this all started.

    Tonight at the bar: a dolphin snorted Vita-FizZ, A new drink was invented, and yet another Snake Oil salesman was put into action. Right

    I'd like to think we've become pretty good friends with the bartender and the Tuesday night regulars .

    Having set Ladybug up for the evening to babysit Littlebit and get them both to bed by a reasonable hour as usual for a Tuesday, we arrived expecting nothing more than the usual level of unusual. After finalizing the arrangements for the bartender to become a wholesale customer and salesperson, I ordered a water (no ice) and sat down at the bar to enjoy my evening.

    While sitting at the bar and discussing products and the daily events of our friends, we brought out a vial of strawberry Vita-FizZ. Handing out samples, we recounted the tale of the first batch of Vita-FizZ and how the person testing it decided to snort it up his nose, to an agonizing end. The dolphin we were speaking with decided to test the warning not to snort the product, and agreed to let us video him in his folly. We turned on the camera and the action began. Up his nose went the powder, and out of his mouth came laughter. "It's vitamins" he says "tingly". The bartender looked on in horror, but our brave(?) experimenter simply sat up and blinked serenely. I'm thinking to myself "He must have sinuses of steel for that not to effect him". Then it begins. He says he can feel it foaming, and the other patrons pipe in with commentary. "The party in my mouth has moved upstairs, and there're bubbles everywhere!", "My eyeballs are floating on clouds of foam", You're gonna be smelling strawberries for days". Looking significantly more alert than a few moments previous, he gave out samples of the products he had just purchased from us and excitedly bragged on their effectiveness and many uses.

    Near closing time, Keebler asks the bartender for a bit of juice. He adds Vita-FizZ and the foaming starts. Impatient as heck, Keeb grabs a straw and stirs it in good, then proceeds to pass the mixture around the bar for everyone to try. When the bartender gets the glass however, a single statement is made; "I wonder what liquor would taste good with that". So the bartender grabs a bottle off of the shelf and pours it into the glass. It's passed around again. Yummy! "Try this" says the bartender, and pours something else in. "It's like chemistry" I laugh. Hmmm, not as good. Take one down, pass it around, we all agree. Something needs to be done. Something new is added to the beverage, and more FizZ is mixed in. Perfect! "It almost tastes like liquid Vita-FizZ" I exclaim. The others agree, it's good stuff. "A drink that cures hangovers!" someone's chuckles. And then it's time to go home. There's sweeping to be done at the bar and blogging to be done when we get home. It's been a crazy night.


    Anonymous said...

    "Ye know, those women who go into bars with a basket on their arm filled with things to sell to the patrons? Well I am now. *laugh*"

    Well, it sounds like you've got some, uh, interesting people to meet with on Tuesdays. LOL. Congratulations, by the way, of making your sales pitch so successful. May you relish in the abundance your endevor produces :-)


    Anonymous said...

    Gotta say it was a rush!!
    I did wake up the next morning with out any hint of a hangover and a mild strawberry taste in my mouth that disappeared by lunch time.
    I would have to recomend the Hangover drink more than sniffing though. Less bubbles in the head the better!! hehe