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    Monday, September 23, 2013

    A shout out to Aris Karese Sandefur, of Schaumburg, IL

    AKA mewgirl, God-CaringFilth,, Raven Johnson, and Rayvn McTiernen,
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: 1985-04-26
    Height: 5 Ft. 03 In.
    Weight: 172 Lbs.
    Race: White

    This female has been arrested for the following items: 
    Theft of unauthorized Controlled substance With Intent to distribute, 
    Illegal Use Of Credit/debit Card, 
    Attempt To Obstruct Justice, 
    Retail theft of Display Merchandise, 
    Theft by Obtaining possession or control over property of the owner via threat. 

    These arrests were made throughout the Chicago area and she just got done serving time in late 2012. Please keep in mind that a criminal is caught less than 1 time for every ten crimes committed, and arrested for only about half of the crimes they are caught for on average.

    This person somehow thought that she could upset me I guess, by ranting on a post that was over 5 years old. The information above was garnered via a quick Google search to see if I knew the person. I don't, and from the looks of things, I'm rather glad I don't. I do feel sorry for her child though.

    Though I am positive that this female might want to put some serious effort into getting a life if 5 years later, after moving hundreds of miles away from where she first lived when she latched onto me as someone to have a vendetta against, she still has a case of chapped ass about an email-group. She is probably still accosting the people who banned her from the tech support forums for her behaviors there, too. I think it would do her a world of good to look into getting some professional help to get over herself.

    On a personal note: Baby don't trifle with me, I've been trollin' since longer than your little punk ass has been alive. Whoop Whoop JuFFalette!


    Anonymous said...

    First of all I don't have a clue WTF you're talking about, second of all how the fuck is Illinois "hundreds of miles away" from Illinois, third of all why would "moving hundreds of miles away" from anywhere be remotely relevant to any good thing, bad thing, or "behavior" of some random human being, fourth, how in the FUCK do you expect someone to get a job (which you appear to be saying I should do - regardless of the faith that you have no idea whether I ALREADY have a job) if you are purposely linking screennames to mug shots and preventing any possibility of that happening according to the posters who are currently telling me about it, 5) how in the fuck do you "accost" someone on a MESSAGE BOARD which is done over the INTERNET through a COMPUTER, 6) how in the fuck do you complain about "criminal activity" while using words like "trifle" and "punk ass", clearly indicating that yourself and/or most of the people you hang out with are either criminals or just generally bad people - probably both, and finally the age of a post has nothing to do with any comments on it - though since you apparently come from Facebook I don't really know how commenting on such a post would actually be possible - are you retarded?

    Anonymous said...

    Your comment was published so that the world can see how you speak and how little sense you make. It is so much simpler than trying to spell it out myself. I don't really think I could do your level of insanity justice, even with my extensive vocabulary.

    Sadly, you seem incapable of reading and comprehending a post before you fly off the handle in a rage. You might want to look into getting help with that. Also: This. LULZ