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    Monday, August 02, 2010

    And Now We know

    What is it we know, you may ask yourself? Well we now know exactly how long it is between when I feel good enough to blog and do a few other small things in my life, and when I tackles everything head-on again after a major surgery! *laugh*

    As evidenced by my recent disappearance from the blog, I've been exceedingly active as of late. This coming weekend is Barataria Faire, Springfield's very own pirate and fairy festival. I have to finish my costume, I'm impatiently awaiting the delivery of some of my components, I'm trying to get out of sewing as much as I can manage, and since the great data loss a few months ago, I've also been completely reworking my product labels! *pant pant*

    But that's not all! Oh no, of course not! I still have to make a new batch of every product I sell, adfter, that is, I say, AFTER! I find my danged recipe book! *pulls out hair*

    And I have to get a whole lot more volunteers to paint on before the event so that I can make a paint example book that will be not only worthy of the event, but also worthy of my artistry. These next few days are going to be a TON of fun, let me tell ya!

    Actually, they will be. I've been having a blast creating the little finishing touches for our costumes, and I'm planning a sew & show party for Wednesday. I finally found both my canera and the charger for it's battery, so the photos are coming as quickly as I can find models willing to be immortalized in my paint book. Three down, about 40 to go! LOL

    And of course, everyone is welcome to attend Barataria Faire The tickets and attractions are inexpensive, and it's going to be a fabulously fun time! Bring yourself, bring the kids, and come frolic with the faeries and pirates in the first Barataria Faire ever, on the square, in Springfield, MO! *grin*

    Wish me luck!

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    Todd said...

    Good luck and we'll see you there!