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    Thursday, July 08, 2010

    Tango Hysto: The Dance Continues

    Just got back from the doctor's office. While he's had a lot of experience with Endo, his experience is mostly that if a woman has Endo, she should have her ovaries removed. *sigh* So he really didn't KNOW about Endo specialists, the ability to get it all with one or two simple procedures, or whatnot. But he did the best that he could with the information he had, and the only real mistake I can even come close to saying that he made was not making it clear to me that there was a very strong possibility that I had endo or that other thing that acts a lot like it, which would have allowed me to actually do some research and go into the surgery better informed. I can't really blame him for not knowing everything about every single Possible gynelogical problem there is. Not reasonably anyway.

    I also talked to him about why, 6wks ago, my body needed the hormones that it was creating, but now, somehow I needed less than that. He told me that I could replace whatever of my hormones that I wanted to, and that was up to me, not him. (This was after I explained to him that I wanted the Progesterone because it decreased the rampant cell growth that is caused by Estrogens, and thus would decrease the likelihood of a recurrence in my Endo).

    He referred me to a pharmacist who would be more able to answer some specific questions that I had, and that pharmacist referred me somewhere else after answering all of the questions for me that she could.

    I now have all of the information that I need, but am not really any closer to a solution for my concerns.

    All I know is that I am now, and will forever be, without my ovaries, and if I want to be a healthy young woman, I will need to take replacement hormones at least for the next 10 years or more.

    Hopefully, I'll figure all this out before the end of the week, and if I'm REALLY lucky, my insurance will cover most of what I need to get to keep my body in proper working order. If not, I'll just have to do without, because I definitely can't afford something as extravagant as HRT when I'm having problems paying the utility bill!.

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    Todd said...

    Glad the Dr's visit went well, and with the pharmacist too. Here's hoping you heal sooner rather than later.