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    Saturday, March 27, 2010


    5 years in prison, no chance of probation, mandatory SATOP classes, and mandatory sex offender registration for life...And a finding of guilty of a federal offense, effectively taking away the right to ever own a gun, vote, or hold a really good job.

    That's what the predator who molested my daughter got as his sentence today at court. Clifton Everett Junkins III went straight from the courtroom to Greene county jail and is sitting there now, waiting for transport to prison.


    I got to stand up and read a statement that I had painstakingly prepared over the days prior, and the prosecutor said that it really helped to get the most severe sentence possible.

    I've spent my entire life thinking that sexual predators only ever got a smack on the hand and set free. I've always thought that the state could not be trusted to put away dangerous criminals, but finally, one of these sick bastards is being put away.

    Finally, justice is served!

    I can only hope that the work I and the state prosecutor did, pays off in the security of the children who are now safe from just one of the many real monsters of this world.

    Life is good.


    makuahine said...

    I'm sorry he abused your daughter but yay for the verdict.

    Todd said...

    Glad that justice was served for you and your daughter. *hugs*

    Anonymous said...

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