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    Tuesday, December 29, 2009

    Slacking on the Blogosphere

    You can tell you are really slacking off on blogging, or have too much on your plate, or both, when you get three spam comments in a row, all within a week, on your blog. *sigh*

    So here I am, to tell you that I indeed have not forgotten you.

    There's a lot going on right now, none of which am I really able or willing to share right now. My family and life may be in a bit of turmoil at the moment, but I have learned to think positively, and that makes ALL the difference!

    That means that for every roadblock or speed bump we encounter, we are able to step back and identify it, thus making it's clearing or surmounting a much simpler task.

    After all, one cannot work on, or repair a problem without first identifying it. *smile*

    We will accept prayers and well wishes if you wish to send them our way, but I know, I just KNOW, that we will pull through this tough time stronger, better, and more together, as individuals, and as a family, than we were before all this began.

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