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    Sunday, December 06, 2009

    I laughed when they said I'd have to set time aside to sign a stack of checks each week...

    So, for a quick update, business is going great and parties are pumping!

    I lost my pocket schedule book again, but I had everything backed up on my calendar at home, and it's time to buy a new pocket-one anyway, so all is well.

    Picked up the orders for a fundraiser, and they're doing great! (it's been extended, if you want to place an order from the exclusive fund-raising catalog, visit this site now!)

    I've been working on helping other folks to live their dreams through Tupperware as well, and let me tell you, it's going great! Already, I have helped two people start on the path to their dreams, and they're making strides on that path every day. I'm so proud of them!

    I've been having a series of public parties recently, and I plan on continuing those, with different topics and specialties featured, until I run out of really interesting ideas. *chuckle*

    So far I've done the tightwad party, the eco-party, the bizarre foods dinner party, party in the park, and a holiday gatherings party. If you have any ideas for a party you'd like to see, just drop a line in the comments, and I'l, see what I can do. *smile* They're so much fun, and I get to keep all the free host gifts for myself, so why the heck wouldn't I, right?

    When I was told that some day, I'd be sitting around signing my name to a pile of checks, I thought they were kidding! Boy, Let me tell you, I was SO wrong!

    And that day came so quickly too!

    Life is good.


    Evil said...

    Here is a party idea my candle lady is doing right now. I dont rember what its called.

    Anyway you get 10 people to do a catalog party. They each try to get 100 or more in orders. All names go into a drawing, the first gets the hostest credits, the sencond gets an item worth so much the 3rd another item lesser value, 4th 50% off one item and 5th 25% off each item. The others i think all get tea lights or something (in your case if you ahve the cookie setter set each could get a cookie cutter.
    Then for each extra 100 in orders they get a extra item free of there choice up to a certan value.

    Im sure you can mess arround with this to make it fit your partys a lot better.

    Good luck and I still plan on doing a party with you I just have not had time and everyone I know is so broke and busy

    Whimspiration said...

    In Tupperware, it's called the "Mystery Host Party". *chuckle* Everyone participating gets a gift, and one name is drawn out of a Tupperware bowl, to be the host, and get all of the host credit.

    I could see maybe giving a second gift to folks who reached or exceeded certain sales amounts as well though. Thanks for the tip! *smile*

    Oh, your candle lady, does she have Bayberry candles? If so, I am looking for Bayberry tea lights, a set of about 12, to be delivered before Christmas.