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    Tuesday, November 10, 2009

    Black Friday Ponderings

    Maria Carey and Taylor Swift are at the top of the search engines again, and I don't really care. I'm not much for popular culture... of the country I live in anyway, but what I did find interesting is that in the number two spot for most searched is Black Friday.

    Of course, I can fix your need to go out into the freezing cold before the crack of dawn with a Turkey-stuffed gut, but that comes later in the post. Please, read on. *smile*

    Now, I'm one of those folks who is relatively miffed that the holiday decorations go up in the stores, often even before Halloween, and with so many others bemoaning it, I'm actually rather shocked to see that particular phrase at the top of the search lists so soon. I mean, seriously, if so many people were actually, honestly, upset about the holiday gift-giving season being marketed earlier and earlier each year, one would think that they would be careful not to send messages to the advertising companies that encourage the practice.

    Ya know, messages to advertisers like thousands of people searching for Black Friday, simultaneously, in the first week of November?

    Now, I know that these folks are just trying to get their shopping done early, and beat the crowds... No, let me change that; they're trying to join the desperate throng of early-morning shoppers the day after Thanksgiving in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, they will be close enough to the front of the line to get a chance at the one or two items they really want.

    But I digress.

    It's a bit worrisome to me that there are so many people risking their health this flu season, just to get a pretty, or a shiney for the ones they love. I'm a huge fan of gift-giving, and I do it whenever I get the chance. In fact, it's constantly on my mind, all year long. I eagerly anticipate any occasion when I can give a gift to someone and not be looked at funny for my inherent generousity. *chuckle*

    For instance? I already have most of my holiday shopping done. I've had it done for the last several months. If I had my way, I'd also have all of my grocery shopping and everything else done for the next couple of months, so I wouldn't have to deal with the pressing crowds and tinkling, repetitive music every time I visited the market for a dozen eggs. That's not going to happen, but what is not going to happen, is that I will not be in the stores buying trinkets and doodads for my family and friends this year. No window-shopping, no last-minute thingies to finis off the perfect present, nothing.

    But I'm giving gifts. Oh yes, I will be giving tokens of my love and appreciation to those closest to me. I'll just be a bit more reasonable, safe, and frugal about it than most.

    Now, I don't want to let out any secrets, but I'm buying Tupperware for some folks this year, and honestly, it's the best, earth-friendly, frugal gift I could buy or give. With the lifetime guarantee, the cherished memories we all have of our favorite plastic-ware growing up, and the serious discounts you get by buying a set to break up into individual presents, it's the best deal around. Of course, then you get the bonus of saving your recipients money and time in their home, and it's a prospect full of win for everyone!

    But I digress yet again.

    I'm hosting a Tupperware fundraiser to raise money for my youngest daughter's needs. We're trying to make her a real, legal, part of our family, and get her some important medical treatments that aren't covered by our insurance.

    Your holiday gift-buying can help us make that happen.

    With products starting at a mere $6.50, and everything from toys and cookie-cutters to containers that can keep strawberries fresh for up to two weeks and the food storage containers that America has loved for generations, there's something for everyone in the exclusive fundraising catalog. I did say exclusive, the stuff in the fundraising catalog is not what you will see in the regular print or online catalog. In fact, it isn't available anywhere, at any time, except when you know someone who is having, or participating in a fundraiser.

    So save your money, save your time, save your health, and help a little girl out in the process.

    Visit our online fundraiser by clicking here now!

    If you want something from the regular catalog, that helps too, just not as much as buying through our fundraiser, which gives us 40% of the item cost towards her needs.

    We hope you have a happy, safe holiday season, and may all your gifts bring great joy.


    Anonymous said...

    I'm in England right now where the term "not covered by health insurance" is something you just don't hear, thanks to National Health Service. Hearing about raising money for medical needs by selling tupperware makes me a not-so-proud American. All the best in making your daughter a legal part of your family and in getting her the care she needs. We're about to start a special needs adoption.

    Whimspiration said...

    Good luck with your adoption!

    Yeah, our insurance doesn't cover getting her Autism diagnosed, speech therapy, chelation therapy, or any of her supplements she needs to live as a fully functional, "normal" child. It gets expensive pretty quickly.

    That's not even counting the therapy she needs due to the abuse she endured before she came into our lives, and the trauma of loosing her father. :/ That's not covered either, for the most part.