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    Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    Upcoming Events

    I have been having an absolute blast micro-blogging via Twitter, and been so busy that it's all I've had time for! *chuckle*

    What has been keeping me so busy, you may ask?

    Well, here's the short list.

    I have been really enjoying painting faces at birthday parties and MSU's Bearfest Village with ArtFoodFun.com.

    Tupperware parties and fabulously fun meetings have held shining spots in my weekly calendar.

    Unpacking and setting up the new apartment is coming along steadily.

    The kids are adjusting to the new ways our household is run quite nicely, and they have decided that our more-rigid scheduling is a comfort in our daily lives instead of an inconvenience. *chuckle*

    I've even managed to spend a bit more time with my friends than I was the previous couple of months!

    Life is great, and getting better all the time!

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