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    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    The Answers

    Ya know all those great stories I've promised you over the years, that somehow, never got written?

    And all the grand projects and schemes that I've had, that never quite made it off the ground, or, made it off the ground just fine, then crashed and burned due to overt neglect?

    My irritation over silly things like someone touching the chair I'm sitting in, and
    more than one sound running at the same time. My excessive forgetfulness and inability to keep any reasonable track of time or remember what happened as little as three minutes ago.

    I can't reliably remember who I've told what stories to, or who told me what, or when, regardless of the fact that I remember exactly what was said.

    The appointments, events, and fun that I've missed completely, or been exceedingly late to, and more are all explained quite concisely in the little graphic below.

    Serious ADHD Likely!

    Yeah, out of a potential highest score of 70 and up, I scored a 102...

    So as soon as I can find a spare moment, enough time to concentrate on finding someone to do the testing, and make it to a doctor's appointment on time, I'll be diagnosed, and have meds to help with the problem...


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    Rambleman said...

    Good luck getting the diagnoses and meds you need.