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    Friday, February 06, 2009

    A Repaired Heart for Valentine's Day

    My mother had her heart repaired yesterday with open heart surgery. She is recovering from having a malfunctioning valve replaced with a donated one from a pig.

    The folks working in the ICU were surprised that she woke up fully from the anesthesia as quickly as she did, and say that if she keeps progressing as fast as she has been so far, she should be able to be put int a regular recovery room sometime later today!

    Even with the tubes everywhere and the bandaging, she already has better color, proof that her circulation is already much improved.

    They expect her to be in the hospital for about a week before she is allowed home again, and in the nice time, I have use of her car, which is kind of handy, as my car does not currently work, having lost all of it's battery power sometime during the recent mini-ice storm.

    I will be spending her time in the hospital doing my best to get some repairs done in her house that she asked me to check into, get my house together, and look for a new-to-me car, all while attempting to get to the hospital to visit her once every other day or more.

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    Rambleman said...

    Glad to hear mom is doing so well. *hugs*