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    Tuesday, January 06, 2009

    Familial Status Update

    We have not yet found assistance for the court fees to get Erin to be a legal part of our family, but we will not give up hope.

    Our fondest wish right now is to truly and officially be a family under the laws of man instead of just the laws of our hearts, and to be able to own a small patch of property to live and farm on so that we can be together and support ourselves without any further assistance.

    It will happen, we just have to keep working at it to make it so, trust, and be patient. *smile*

    The children are both acting out a lot now that the reality and permanence of the situation has finally settled on them, but they are both currently seeing (or scheduled with) a psychiatrist, as am I. I am considering just seeing a parenting specialist myself, then doing family counseling, but we will see how things work out with the people that have been chosen for my children before I make any final decisions on that one.

    It is possible that I may be able to get some help for Erin's disability also, as councilors and other like professionals generally have access to resources and contacts for those types of things as well.

    With the major stressor of the home and spendthrift gone, the stress level has dropped signifigantly, and I am more capable of handling the household. The finances were very rocky for quite a while also, but now they are finally starting to straighten out, and I am hoping that by the end of this month, everything will have settled back into a more manageable pile of concerns there too. *smile*

    Slowly but surely...

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    Rambleman said...

    Glad things are starting to get straightened out and smoothed over.