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    Saturday, November 08, 2008

    Cash as Cash Cans

    Some of the nice party-crazy college kids next door have come to supply us with their empty cans after most of their parties so that we can recycle them for extra monies for the girls' educational supplies. We're managing to get about $7 a month or so out of aluminum, and every little bit helps in these troubled financial times.

    Soon we plan to set out fliers in the nearby neighborhood advertising recycling pick up twice a week. Hopefully that will increase our income a little more, as more people in the area learn of our project. *smile*

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    lovelife said...

    we took cans in on friday from about 5 months worth at the house which has cut back alot on soda being drunk at the house with storm away 5 days aweek and me just drinking diet soda we still got 8.00 so that was cool we rented a game and a movie.