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    Wednesday, October 01, 2008

    Operational Updates

    Well, the surgery is over, Ladybug is awake, walking fine with just a little dizziness from time to time, and doing well thus far, feeling only mild discomfort.

    Upon our arrival at the hospital, we only had to wait for about 10 minutes before the hospital staff was there, taking readings, verifying everything, and making sure she had no last-minute questions.

    Much to our surprise, within about 30 minutes, she was getting her last updates and getting a dose of what they called "smile juice", a very minute amount of general anesthetic that would help her to relax, and not care while she had the local, and the actual surgery goings-on.

    The procedure itself took only about 20 minutes, and it took her another thirty minutes to wake up, as she had fallen asleep in the midst of things. To her, she "fell asleep" before she left for the operating room and "woke up" when she returned to the recovery room. However, the fact is that she was still conversing, albeit in a silly way, when she left, and was wide awake, and nearly fully coherent as she was being rolled down the hallway to the recovery room.

    We'd like to thank everyone who sent good wishes to her for an uneventful operation. Now it is time for the healing.

    Also, many thanks go to Faithib, who generously offered to take Littlebit overnight so the morning could be focused entirely on Ladybug.


    lovelife said...

    Hi g lad that all went well. Not sure what she had done but glad all went ok.

    Faith said...

    Having LittleBit was a joy. She was fun and listened and obeyed well. She even offered to help with chores like she does at home! Wow, that boggled me!
    I'm so glad that LadyBug is doing well. I hope and pray her healing continues quickly and uneventfully.

    Rambleman said...

    Happy she's doing well.