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    Friday, September 26, 2008

    Making Abortion A Non-Issue

    How's that for starting things off hot for today's message?

    Today is World Contraception Day! Time to take the kids that know about how babies are made aside, and talk about how to prevent babies, as well as the spread of disease.

    Despite what many in politics and religion might say, the way to stop abortion isn't to stop mating, but rather to teach, to educate, and to make sure that all peoples not only are very choosy of their partners, and wait until there is a firm relationship with a deep and abiding love before engaging in physical intimacy, but ALSO to use a form of contraception, every time, unless they want a baby.

    If we do it right, and teach thoroughly enough, our youth will, no matter their marital status, or our own parental dislike of their actions, at least protect themselves from pregnancy and disease if they do what we'd much rather they not.

    And they'll use protection on instinct, as if there were no other choice but to do so when intimate.

    If we teach them that it is the only way to be intimate, the only way to be safe, the only way to live their lives, and that nearly everyone uses contraception, but that it is those who don't that make us have to worry about diseases as well as pregnancy, then it will make a difference.

    Studies have shown that abstinence-only education doesn't work at all to quell the spread of disease, and the ever-rising teen pregnancy rate. Sarah Palin's daughter is only a more high-profile example of this fact, and I'm sure Mrs. Palin is quite the devoted mother who taught her children all about abstinence, repeatedly.

    But studies have also shown that abstinence education, along with a strong sense of self-respect, and knowledge of contraception if something does occur, is the best weapon against unwanted pregnancy and STIs.

    When fighting a battle, is it not best to use all safe weapons at our disposal and ensure an even better chance of success?

    There is no substitute for knowledge, for being prepared, just in case, no matter what or who you think your children are. One little moral mishap, no matter what your beliefs, or how strong they are, and your child too could be a parent before graduation. Don't you owe it to them to teach them the truth, so they may protect themselves if they stray from the straight and narrow path?

    Is it not a parent's most sacred duty to raise their children to be strong in their morals and faith, while keeping them safe from harm? If you did not believe in driving a car, would you refuse to tell your child not to run out into the street?

    And that is how you make abortion a non-issue, by merely teaching those you love about protection, contraception, self respect, personal honor, and abstinence. Only with all of the tools available without fear, without shame, and without judgment, can we have a chance of dropping the abortion rates.

    For more information on World Contraception Day, including a quiz to help you find your ideal form of contraception, straight facts about the different forms of contraception available in these times, videos, and information and tips for the media, teachers, teens, and parents, please visit the official World Contraception Day 2008 website.

    What you don't know can hurt you.


    Rambleman said...

    Happy contraception day! And yes, good message for all.

    lovelife said...

    I understand we need to teach all about safe sex.
    But I allso think if you do not want a child that it is your choice and the mans choice if that does happen.
    I am adopted but at times i wish she would of had an abortion . I am happy I had god people adopt me but that is a long story maybe I will blog it lol

    Whimspiration said...

    Lovelife, go on and blog it all out, I bet it would make a great post, or even a series of posts! *smile*

    I have spoken to folks on both sides of the issue, and I know that no matter what the choice is for unplanned pregnancies, the decision the person makes changes their life forever, and drastically. That includes not only abortion, but also adoption, and keeping the child.

    The decision to have, or keep, a child is a highly personal one, And I firmly believe that the best way to prevent anyone from having to make those hard decisions id to teach prevention, in all of it's forms, to everyone.

    Misty said...

    this IS a good message... although I believe that abstinence is best because that part of yourself is precious and best reserved for the person who holds your heart- a lot of people don't believe that. I completely agree in EDUCATION in all areas because it really is the most powerful tool we have...