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    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    Flurging the Flerg

    Researching the true meaning behind an instant internet phenomenon.

    For some odd reason, nearly everyone who is online seems to be searching for the word "flurge", also known as "flurg, flirge, flerge, flerg, flerj flirj, flurg, flirge, flerge, or flerj".

    It's obvious that nobody knows how to spell this thing, so it must have been heard in audio media in pop culture recently to be such a hot topic.

    So I have to know what this word is, now, if not for my own sake, then because I'm likely to be asked what it means a good 30 times tomorrow while I'm answering questions for ChaCha, which adds to it's popularity ranking because now I'm searching for it too. *laugh*

    Isn't the lust for knowledge grand?


    When I search it, Google asks me if I mean "flogao". I have no idea what that is either, so now I have two things to look up! *rolls eyes*

    The first search is an easy one; Floago is a Portuguese social networking site. One down, one to go.

    Urban dictionary defines "flurge" as a verb. "A cross between flush and purge, as in 'I flurged the wax from my ears.'"

    Other places tell me that my first assumption was correct, and it was an audio-only word in mass media. Specifically, Saturday Night Live had a Sarah Palin & Hillary Clinton skit on tonight in which the word was used.

    Some are saying, after listening to it repeatedly via their DVRs, that the word used was actually Flurch, which Urban Dictionary defines as a passing of gas with accidental fecal discharge into one's pants. Of course Urban Dictionary doesn't say it quite so politely. *chuckle*

    Others say It is spelled FLURGH, and is used in place of another word that would offend if spoken out loud. With a meaning a bit more pronounced than "No comment".

    While still others state the spelling must be Flerg, which the Urban Dictionary says is a noun, meaning shrunken erection, flaccid or foreskin (penile-related).

    A rare few are using the word as a fricative as well, as in "Holy Flurging Schmidt!", (sometimes spelled" shnit"), or "No flurging way!" which definitely qualifies as a creative way to bypass language filters if nothing else.

    There's even a song that refers to the word; "Only You" by 112 contains the word "flurging" with the same ambiguous meaning, seeming to be used only because it rhymes with "purging".

    In online reports of the skit, one of the characters is said to have stated "Stop calling me a [erection] shrinker" so this definition makes the most sense for our current search.

    What an odd little merry-go-round that was, all to come up with the oh-so-common-these-days bathroom humor.

    I guess we can't expect a lot out of "entertainment" these days.

    It's little wonder why we don't watch much broadcast television at our house!

    UPDATE: Read the full transcript and of the SNL skit and watch it yourself. Like everything else online, the spelling of the word in question varies, but it's the words we all know how to spell that makes the meaning of the other more clear. *smile*


    fogdude said...

    Another explanation is that what she actually said was "flirj," as in "F.L.I.R.J."
    Since the term "MILF." is an acronym, so too is FLIRJ. It means "First Lady I'd Rim J__." Where J__ is a three letter synonym for occupation. Although your explanation makes sense, also.

    Rambleman said...

    Hmm... hadn't heard of it until now. Kind of interesting, I guess. Thanks.

    maurkus said...

    What you might consider is just telling them what you just told us, and letting them take their pick of multiple possibilities and meanings that might be very useful to them in multiple situations.

    Sal Gal said...

    I would say you found the correct meaning with FLERG. Urban dictionary refers to it as a 'shrunken erection' and only a minute later in the same skit Hillary say's stop calling me things like "harpy, shrew, BONER SHRINKER" (2min 33seconds into skit).

    Whimspiration said...

    Another definition found online:


    (as president, as opposed to simply being married to the president)

    Terribly inaccurate, but cute and creative nonetheless. *chuckle*

    SnoopyTheGoon said...

    Thanks for the research. Methinks I'll route the guests to you now.