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    Thursday, May 29, 2008

    What's Poisoning Your Family?

    Almost all the info that's fit to print on the subject.

    What's in the stuff you use, what it does, why it's there, and why it is (or may be) bad for you or the environment. Great listing (the whole site is pretty good actually), and it will help you have the information you need to make truly informed decisions regarding whether you want to use a product with a certain ingredient or not. Really informative.

    Ingredients to Avoid


    Their front page

    A funny aside; you don't want to use some of the stuff they're selling on their site, because many of the products contain some of the things they are preaching about not using! Example; They say not to use anything with chlorine or any of it's derivatives in it, even to the extent of not using anything with "chlor" in the name. However, the majority of their dental products have what they call "stabilized chlorine dioxide".

    Without an ingredient listing to check for allergens, I wouldn't buy from them anyway, but that's just me. I always do what they suggest doing, and read the ingredients label before buying anything, and since there is no listing on their site, I won't buy from them, no matter how much they say their products are healthy and natural. Like they say themselves, "natural" is an unregulated word in the health care industry, so it technically means whatever the sellers and manufacturers want it to.

    Browse, learn, and enjoy!

    UPDATE: Since I moderate my comments, I was able to catch and not publish a rather rude comment from one of the members of the company. What a fabulous way to ensure I will never buy from them!

    Great sales technique, that.

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