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    Saturday, March 29, 2008


    Things were a little hectic today. We started with a little sorting and cleaning, then went full tilt into donating stuff to the local assistance places. Somewhere close to 20 boxes of reusable things we didn't need later, we were free from the weight and worry of excess junk yet again.

    Mom took the kids to get some food, and they brought home all sorts of unexpected goodies, so we're all set for a while. Ladybug found a really neat old English textbook while they were out, and just couldn't wait to show it to me when she got home. It's neat. Not as neat as the one I bought a long time ago that has all of the rules of grammar in it, but it's a very nice addition to that one, and will work really well to help her refine her writing style.

    We had planned to go out earlier on our bikes, but we had a flat tire, so that didn't happen. I was really hoping for a nice brisk ride too.

    Then Keeb's phone died so hard that not even our computer charger would work for it. It's plugged in now, and we hope he didn't fry the battery by letting the phone go that dead, but we'll see how things work in the morning.

    Yeah, like making it sound French makes it any less tiring, right? *chuckle* I'm pooped.


    Rambleman said...

    Hope you're rested and ready for another day today.

    Anonymous said...

    Did Keebler's phone ever work?

    Whimspiration said...

    Yes, it just needed a good, healthy charge from the wall. All is better now. *smile*