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    Sunday, February 03, 2008

    Garage Work

    Cleaned a lot more out of my mother's garage today. We're working our way through everything pretty quickly, and since I learned so much about taxes the other day, we're going to donate almost all of the stuff to charity (and get our itemized donations list signed as a receipt). I never knew how much money the stuff I was donating was considered worth (even in the worst possible-yet-still-reusable condition). With Keeb getting a new job soon, next year's tax refund will be very nice indeed. *smile*

    I didn't quite meet my goal of getting a wide path cleared all the way to the back of the garage like I'd've liked, but the weather is supposed to be quite warm and pleasant tomorrow, so we'll try again.

    Speaking of weather, today was weird as all heck! The meteorologist said it would be mostly cloudy with scattered showers all day long, and the sun shone bright. Not a single drop of rain fell, but everything was really wet. No dew, no frost, no fog, no drizzle, and no mist, just a strange pervading wetness that clung to everything and stuck. I had to use my wipers wen we drove to the store, but there was no sign of precipitation anywhere.

    Seriously, some of the strangest weather I've ever seen.

    Well, I've spent way too long writing this one tonight. The gap in the middle where I had to force ladybug to do the dishes before she was allowed to sleep may have had something to do with it., but I'm exhausted.


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    Rambleman said...

    Agreed that the weather was weird yesterday. We didn't get any precip either, just a bunch of clouds and wind. And as I speak, it's *70* outside on the porch (and probably in other parts of the yard too. lol). Have a good day!

    Whimspiration said...

    Rambleman, Yep, warm and windy here too today. The sun is so bright, but varying behind clouds (where they were yesterday I do not know), so I can't get accustomed to the brightness wile we work.

    Zoe said...

    thanks for the stumble. sounds like you mom's garage may be like my grandmas. she hasn't been able to park her car in there in years. tell me more about how to make that receipt...

    Whimspiration said...

    Zoe, Making the receipt is simple, I'll blog it here in a day or two, barring unforeseen excitement. *chuckle*